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How To Secretly Track My Son's iPhone Without Him Knowing

How To Secretly Track My Son’s iPhone Without Him Knowing 2021

by Daniel Moore

Are you worried that your son might be up to mischief on his new iPhone? Are you looking for ways to secretly track his iPhone without his knowledge?

There are many reasons why a parent would want to spy on their son’s iPhone and it may not just be about data usage. Children are an easy target for online predators and bullies. They can easily get picked on or introduced to stuff that’s inappropriate, which is a parents worst nightmare.

Because of this you may have asked yourself “how to secretly track my son’s iPhone without him knowing?”

We’ll, spying on your son may not be the right way to approach the situation but if you can do it correctly, then you’re in the safe zone and your son won’t get to know. 

Today, I’m going to talk about how you can do just that, we’ll cover the various ways you can spy on your son’s iPhone in secret. 

How To Secretly Track My Son’s iPhone Without Him Knowing

Tracking your son’s iPhone can mean many things, maybe you may want to know where they are at all times or you’re keeping track of who they’re speaking to. Either way, there are multiple ways you can do just those things. 

So let’s go over how you can secretly keep track of your son’s iPhone.

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Choosing the Best iPhone Spy App

How To Secretly Track My Son's iPhone Without Him Knowing

The first step is quite difficult to perform and involves using a Spy application to track and keep an eye on your son. There are many spy apps out there that claim to be the best and have the ability to perform miracles. But, how do you know which spy app can be trusted?

In order to know which app is best suited for your needs, you will have to first figure out what you’re going to track. Each app will provide you with different features and capabilities, so it’s best to first know what you want to do and then pick the most appropriate spy app to do the job.

You will have to get an app  that provides the following features 

  • Message retrieval – Something that allows you to view the text messages real-time and one that permits you to view even the deleted messages.
  • Call log data – You’d definitely want something that will give you access to your son’s call log so you know who he is speaking to the time/duration of each call.
  • Real-time GPS – Yup, this is the primary reason you’re here. You will need an app that provides you with your son’s whereabouts at all times. 
  • Social media monitoring – Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can prove to be dangerous especially if your son steers down the wrong path. These apps will allow you to monitor their social media profiles in case you have your doubts.

There are many applications available that do these things. After trying and testing many, we have come to the conclusion that the following are the best safe to use spy apps in the market.

It’s good to note that these applications don’t actually need hands on access to your son’s iPhone. All you would need to do is login to their iCloud account to gain instant access to everything that’s happening in your son’s life.

Install and Use the iPhone Spy App

How To Secretly Track My Son's iPhone Without Him Knowing

Now that you have decided on what spy software to get, you won’t require any physical access to your son’s iPhone in order to track his movements. Rather, the apps listed above allow you to keep an eye on your son by logging into his iCloud account.

This is less invasive and he will never know that you’re tracking him. 

Earlier, it was difficult to spy on an Apple device. You would either have to jailbreak the iPhone or tweak the operating system. The apps listed will let you avoid jail-breaking his iPhone and allow you unlimited access to everything that’s happening in your son’s life.

The setup process is rather simple and works on mSpy, Spyzie, Spyier, Spyic

You will have to follow these instructions to have it done.

  • The first thing you will have to know is your son’s iCloud credentials. This will provide you with access to his backups and chats. 
  • When you purchase a subscription plan for any of the apps mentioned above, you will be provided with two options – Android & iOS. Click on iOS as we’re targeting an iPhone.
  • When you have finished purchasing the subscription, you will receive an email with the setup instructions. The complete setup process should not take more than 5-10 minutes if you know the iCloud credentials.
  • Now that you have successfully logged into his iCloud account, open the spy application on your desktop/laptop. You will be provided with an online dashboard that grants you access to a number of fields. 
  • You would have to click on the left panel and select Locations from the list. Here, you would be able to see the current location of your son along with the history of his movements so you will know where he has been. 

Apart from just checking the location, you also have access to view his contact list, the calls and messages he would have sent or received, his browsing history along with photos, videos, social media applications, calendar data and even applications installed on his iPhone.

Track Your Son’s iPhone using ‘Find My’

How To Secretly Track My Son's iPhone Without Him Knowing

If you’re buying your son a new iPhone then there is one thing you can do to keep a track on his whereabouts. This would be by enabling Find My on his iPhone. As a parent, you can turn on protective features within the iPhone that will enable you to figure out where they are at all times. 

This data gets captured only when asked for and would stay active for a period of 24 hours so you would have a record of the places he would have visited on a particular day. 

So before handing over the iPhone to your son, you will have to enable the Find My iPhone settings first. Here’s how you do that.

  • Start by opening the Settings App on the iPhone and tap on the iPhone holder’s name (your son’s if you’ve set it up that way).
  • Here you will be able to see the option ‘Find My’. Tap on it to open the Find My settings.
  • You will be provided with a couple of options such as Find My iPhone, Find My Network and Send Last Location.
  • Enable these settings to keep track of your son’s iPhone and his location.

Now that you have enabled the Find My settings on your son’s iPhone, you will have to share his location. There are a couple of steps involved here, follow them to have this done successfully.

  • Start by opening the Find My application on his iPhone and tap on Share My Location or Start Sharing Location.
  • Now enter your name and phone number and click on send.
  • Set the share duration as Share Indefinitely and click on OK at the bottom to save the settings.

Now, when you open your phone, you would have received a notification with the option to view the sender’s location (your son’s). The only way this method will work is if your son’s GPS is enabled and he has an active data pack running. If the GPS option is not enabled, you will not be able to track his current location.

Tips for iPhone Parental Control

How To Secretly Track My Son's iPhone Without Him Knowing

As a parent, there are certain things you would like to restrict your son from doing on his new iPhone.

Here are a couple of suggestions for you:

  • Set up Content and Privacy Restrictions – You are able to limit the amount of time spent on his iPhone and the kind of content that he has access to.
  • Allow Access to Certain Apps – You can limit the apps your son can see on his iPhone home screen. Disabling each app from the Content & Privacy Restrictions page will lead to those apps getting hidden from the home screen.
  • Restrict Unwanted Purchases – You’re able to restrict your son from installing or uninstalling apps on his iPhone. This restriction will bar in-app purchases so he doesn’t use your credit card while gaming.
  • Prevent Access to Adult Content – Under content restrictions, you are allowed to limit adult sites and can specify which websites are safe to access.


Well, that covers just about everything you need to know on how to secretly track your son’s iPhone without him knowing.

It’s best to remember that you will have to choose the right application or you can resort to using the Find My application that’s already iOS compatible.

Stay Safe!

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