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How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work? 2021

by Daniel Moore

Have you ever watched these really old movies where a husband/wife would hire a private detective to tail his wife/husband and find her/his whereabouts? Did you ever wonder if they were always successful?

Imagine being a private detective who has to keep tabs on their target, make notes and inform his employer at the end of the day. Such a tedious task right? Back in the 90s and even early 2000s, private detectives were not only hired by jealous husbands/wives but also by employers to spy on their employees. As time went on, these private detectives became obsolete.

Thanks to modern smartphones, all our information is available on our hands. And if you require someone else’s information, it is easier to get it through their smartphones too. Sounds crazy even for the 21st century right?. But yes there are multiple apps today which can help you spy on others.

But, how does cell phone spy software work?

Read on to find out more!

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work?

Before we begin, we would like to share some of our thoughts on these so-called spy apps. If you infringe on other people’s privacy, we think it is unethical.

This, on the other hand, can be useful for keeping track of and monitoring your child’s well-being. The ethical and moral stance of using spying apps is defined by the intent of such apps.

Spy apps are software that allows you to remotely scan someone’s texts and call records and other activity usages on their phone. These are designed in such a way that they collect the relevant device information, which makes sense.

So, how does cell phone spy software work?

Contrary to popular belief, these apps are not powered by Skynet or any evil AI. While different spy apps use different terms, they all work in the same way. Install the app on the target phone, enter your license key, and then let the app run its course. You can then keep track of their activities on your computer or mobile device by visiting the website.

Here’s a quick rundown of the procedure.

Check the Compatibility of the Cell Phone Spy Software

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work

The majority of spy applications, such as Mobile Spy, mSpy, Highster, and FlexiSPY, work on both Android and iOS devices. The company’s website has a complete list of compatible devices. Verify that the target device is listed among the supported devices.

While the majority of these apps should function on any Android device running version 4.0 or higher, certain features are only available on rooted devices.

Make Sure The Cell Phone Has Internet Access

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work

To operate properly, the spy app needs to be connected to the internet, whether by Wi-Fi or a cellular data network.

The app gathers data from the user and sends it to the app’s server over the internet.

Install The Cell Phone Spy Software

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work

To install the spy app, you’ll need access to the target phone at least once. It works in the background, unnoticed by the user. You can control and track their phone activity remotely once it’s installed, without having to physically touch the phone again.

All tracking data is saved in the cloud and accessible via a web-based portal.

  • Jailbreaking and Rooting – If you want to use a spy app on your iPhone, you must first jailbreak it as Apple doesn’t allow the installation of such apps from their App store. In the case of Android, the app does not need rooting to install or use, but if you want to use advanced features like call intercept and instant message monitoring, then rooting is a must.
  • No Jailbreak Solution – If your target owns an iPhone, consider the mSpy no-jailbreak solution if you want to track without dealing with jailbreaking. Without jailbreaking the iPhone, this web-based tool allows you to easily control call logs, track messages (iMessages, text messages, and WhatsApp), and display browsing history. You’ll need their Apple ID login credentials, and the iPhone must have iCloud Backup turned on.

Access the Web-Based Control Panel

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work

All spy apps are bundled with a web-based interface that allows you to review all of the reported logs of the tracked phone’s activities, including phone calls, texts, instant messages, emails, photographs, videos, contacts, browser history, and much more. It also helps you to view the location of the phone on a map.

Using this dashboard you will be able to do the following:

  • Review all activity files, including recordings, photographs, videos, texts, and logs. You can also download this data to your personal computer or device.
  • Lock or unlock the handset, start recordings, interrupt mobile phone use, and even remove the software from a distance.
  • Set up reminders and warnings. Receive instant notifications if a particular word appears in an SMS or email.
  • Manage your subscription plans and access all of your account settings.

Well, with the dashboard activated, you can spy on anything you want – depending on the subscription package you purchased. If you want to know about call specifics as well as call timings, cell phone spy software will help.

Do you want to know what was discussed during those phone calls? Even in this situation, spy apps would be beneficial.

If you want to know all about the target phone’s incoming and outgoing texts, a mobile phone spy app will help. Even if the target phone does not have GPS allowed, you can monitor its position using spy apps.

Benefits of Using a Cell Phone Spy App

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work
Spy Apps monitoring the victim’s phone (circa 2012)

While many spy apps can be dangerous because they allow you to access your personal information without your knowledge, thousands of people have benefited greatly from them.

Many applications can be installed secretly and concealed in the targeted phone so that you don’t have to touch the other person’s phone repeatedly.

Following are a few of the benefits of using the spy apps:

  • Catch cheaters – Being cheated is one of life’s worst experiences. It breaks you down on the inside, leaving you shattered, broken, and empty. Many people become depressed and suffer from anxiety attacks. Thanks to these spy apps, you can catch a cheater very early in your relationship and save yourself the pain. You can examine their text messages and keep track of who they are calling. This makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your partner.
  • Parental Control and Monitoring – Busy parents can use spying apps to keep an eye on their children while at work in today’s hectic world. These apps will monitor your child’s location and guard them against cyber-bullying, internet addiction, and depression. You have access to their photographs, videos, chats, texts, and emails. You will also see what games they play on a regular basis, as well as what websites they frequent. Parents may use this information to figure out what’s behind their children’s actions and adjust their parenting accordingly by keeping an eye on these things.
  • Improve Employee Performance – When used correctly, spying apps can also be very useful in the workplace. You can monitor how much time the workers spend on social media and browsing the internet, as well as block websites that may be detrimental to the organization. Furthermore, you can use GPS monitoring to keep track of employee travel expenses and itineraries to ensure they are not abusing company resources. These applications can help boost employee productivity, increase work quality, and cut down on time wasted.
  • Ensure Safety of Elderly Parents – Spying apps aren’t just for monitoring and spying. You may also use them to keep an eye on your elderly parent’s safety and security. If your parents live alone or in a nursing home, you can keep track of their whereabouts and request medical assistance if you suspect anything is wrong.

How to Check if Someone is Spying on Me?

How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work

Well after reading through the entire article, you might wonder if you’re the victim here. Well if you’re then do not worry, we will highlight a few tips through which you can find out if there is any spy app running on your phone.

  • Unusually High Data Usage – Have you noticed a recent increase in your monthly data usage? Is your laptop consuming more data than normal despite the fact that you haven’t changed your online habits? This may mean that spyware has been installed on your computer. Lower-quality spy tools will attempt to transmit as much information about your devices to their home base (AKA the spy app’s server). This will necessitate the use of a large amount of data. On the other hand, certain spyware creators are very adept at it, and their nefarious applications are much more cautious about what information they seek out and submit back home. This makes identification a little more difficult.
  • Cell Phone Shows Signs of Activity in Standby Mode – While your iPhone or Android phone screen should light up when you receive an incoming call, message, or most other types of alerts, it shouldn’t light up for no reason when it’s in standby mode. Something may be wrong if you see your device’s screen light up, hear unusual noises or vibrations, and then don’t see any new notifications on the screen.
  • Unexpected Reboots – Is your smartphone restarting for no apparent cause or without your intervention? Unauthorized remote access to your smartphone is possible. Unexpected reboots may mean that someone has remote admin access to your device and can reboot it whenever they like. This will also imply that they have access to your device and the sensitive information stored on it.
  • Odd Sounds During Calls – Strange background noises and unreliable communications were to be anticipated in the days of analog mobile phone networks. Today’s all-digital mobile networks, on the other hand, typically have secure and largely noise-free links. So, if you hear strange sounds in the background or (worse) hear a voice that doesn’t belong to the person you called, it’s possible that your conversation is being monitored or recorded.
  • Deteriorating Battery Life – If your device’s battery life starts to degrade quickly and suddenly, it’s possible that your battery is old and needs to be replaced. It’s also possible that your phone is infected with spyware, and the extra load it’s putting on it is draining the battery faster than normal. Spyware records all of your on-device activities and sends this information back to the bad actors that compromised your device. Due to the spyware’s operations, decreased battery life often coincides with increased data consumption.
  • ​Difficulty in Shutting Down or Rebooting Your Device – Spy software may also prevent your computer from fully shutting down or rebooting. This could be triggered by a harmless app acting up, but if it’s only recently started happening or happens often, your device could be infected with spyware.
  • Your Cell Phone is Growing Increasingly Slower – High-end smartphones from the last five years or so should perform well in everyday use and should not have many performance problems. It’s possible that your smartphone is infected with spyware if it’s lagging, performing poorly, or unexpectedly running out of resources like memory or storage space. With older smartphones or low-cost budget handsets, this is more difficult to determine. However, if you pay attention to how your smartphone normally operates, you can usually detect a problem.


Now that you have understood how these apps work you might want to try some of these on your preferred victim.  There are plenty of apps available on the market. Make sure you read the reviews and then choose the best one that is suitable for you.

With great power comes great responsibility,” as Uncle Ben from the Spider man movie puts it, you must remember not to misuse these apps in any way. If your intention is to spy on your partner or child then you can have a healthy conversation that can improve your relationship.

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