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Highster Mobile Review

Highster Mobile Free Trial and Review 2022

by Daniel Moore

Not only is the government watching and listening in today’s hyper-connected world, but so are parents concerned about their children, corporations concerned about intellectual property and employee productivity, and women and men who suspect their spouses and partners of being unfaithful.

Spy applications, which are installed deliberately or unintentionally on cell phones and tablets, are at the forefront of this monitoring.

Many of these spy applications include basic versions that are free to use, with more advanced features offered for a monthly fee. This particular software product does not have a free edition but is reasonably priced. Check out out Highster mobile review.

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Highster Mobile Review

Highster claims to be the industry’s “best spyware app” for monitoring cell phones and tablets, and it’s designed for Apple and Android devices. It was created by a group of New York City specialists to assist parents and employers.

When parents know what their children are doing online, they can better safeguard them from internet hazards with this software. Employers will also profit from utilizing this software because they will be able to monitor their employees and see what is distracting them from their work.

The app is jam-packed with features that make it simple to keep track of whichever device the app is installed on. You’ll have complete control over your target device using Highster Mobile, and you’ll be able to follow everything they do, including phone calls, text messages, and even their positions.

It provides various vital monitoring functions and allows you to keep an eye on anybody you want invisibly.

Is Highster Legal?

You might wonder if Highster Mobile is legal. Yes, in a nutshell.

According to the law, the firm that created Highster is allowed to make device monitoring software for the following two groups.

Without the child’s permission, parents of minor children can lawfully monitor any gadget used by their children. Employees may legally monitor their own devices as long as the gadgets are owned by the company. Employees should be informed that their devices will be monitored, according to best business practices.

Highster Mobile Review

Any other use of the software brings the law into the conversation. In its frequently asked questions, the company notes that they “certainly do not condone the usage of our software for illicit purposes.” A notice on the website also states that the end-user must follow all federal and state regulations. Is this enough to stop people? Certainly not. And the corporation is well aware of this.

Installing Highster Mobile

An activation link will be sent to you, which will take you to a page with installation instructions. To download, enter the activation URL into the phone’s web browser. You’ll need to enter a license key from the email to activate the spy software on the phone once you’ve accessed the link. After this is done, the spying user will no longer need to have the phone in their possession.

After you purchase the app, you will receive an email with all of the information you need to download and use it. There will be no actual merchandise sent. To install the app, you’ll need physical access to the phone you’d like to monitor for long enough to finish it.

Highster Mobile Review

Highster Mobile should be fully hidden from view, and anyone using the phone will have no idea what’s going on. The data from the phone is immediately transferred to the dashboard, which you may see by signing in to their account on any laptop, phone, or tablet.

It takes about 10 minutes for most users to install. On iPhones, you should give a few minutes more because certain installations appear to be more complex and time-consuming than others.

Can Highster Mobile be installed remotely?

Without physical access to the phone, Highster Mobile cannot be loaded on Android. If 2FA is not set, the non-jailbreak version can be installed remotely on iPhones if you have the phone’s Apple ID and password.

To install the more feature-rich jailbreak version, you’ll need physical access. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the purchase is only valid for one phone. The user would have to pay for a new licensing key if they wished to track another device.

Accessibility and Use

ILF Mobile Apps, the app’s developer, intended Highster Mobile to be simple to use for users who have no or minimal expertise with smartphone or tablet monitoring.

This app works by capturing all activity and communication on the target device and sending the data to a personal online Control Panel to which you have complete access. Any Internet browser can view the data that has been uploaded to the control panel.

To access the dashboard, simply enter your login credentials and begin monitoring.

You’ll need to buy a subscription plan and install the app on your target device to use this tracking software. However, we’ll go into this in greater detail in the next sections of this review.


It’s never been easier to remove an app. The target phone does not have to be in your possession. The spy app is removed from the targeted phone by pressing the Remote Uninstall button on the control panel.

Features of the Highster Mobile App

  • Tracking Text Messages
    The app allows you full access to the target phone’s SMS activity. You’ll be able to see all of the text messages that have been received, sent, and even deleted from the device. You’ll also receive information like the phone numbers and identities of anyone who texts the target phone.
  • Call Log Monitoring
    You may learn a lot about a person by listening to their phone calls. The call log tracking feature of this spy tool allows you to view all calls made and received on the target phone. Highster also shows you the numbers dialed, the time and date of the calls, and the duration of the calls. The software also allows you to record all calls as part of this feature.
  • Photos and Videos Monitoring
    The spy app’s media tracking functionality is one of its most remarkable features. This app allows you to view all of your target phone’s images and videos. Additionally, media files were taken with the target device’s camera, as well as others received, will appear on your dashboard, complete with time and date stamps and geolocation data.
  • GPS Location Tracking
    This software employs cutting-edge GPS technology to properly pinpoint the location of the target phone. The GPS coordinates will be sent to you in real-time. The app also shows you the target phone’s location history. You can use this feature to keep track of where the target individual is at any given time and where they’ve been. If the target phone is lost or stolen, the functionality is also useful.
  • Monitoring Social Media and Instant Messaging
    Interacting on social media is an important part of our daily lives, and Highster Mobile ensures that this component is well-monitored. You may use the app to keep an eye on several social networking and instant messaging sites, including iMessage. You can track all messages sent and posts made on various platforms from the target device without being discovered.
  • Get Contacts List and Email Information
    It also allows you access to all of the information stored on the target phone’s contacts. This app takes it a step further by displaying any addresses, email addresses, names, and other information associated with each contact. You’ll also be able to see any emails sent and received on the target device.
  • Keyword Notifications
    This software’s keyword search alert feature is amazing, as it notifies you when specified words are used on the target device. You may save these terms to your dashboard and be notified when they’re used.
  • Remote Camera Activation
    By remotely activating the target phone camera with this spy app, you may see what’s going on around the other person at any moment. With this remote camera activation functionality, you can turn on the camera and shoot images without letting the target person know. On the user Control Panel, the snapshot taken will be shown.
  • Monitoring The List of Installed Apps
    When you install the Highster app on the target device, you’ll get a list of all the installed and running apps. You may also use this parental control app to prevent the installation and use of specific apps.

Highster Mobile Online Dashboard

This spy app’s live Control Panel is one of its strongest features. This spyware features a user-friendly dashboard that is very easy to use.

On the Control Panel of your target device, you can simply retrieve all of the details and information obtained from it. It also allows you to alter settings, log displays, and other things.

Highster Mobile Review

One of the most amazing characteristics of this monitoring app is its intuitive and simple Control Panel.

In addition, if you need to monitor multiple devices, the app’s Control Panel enables switching between them stress-free and simple.

Now that you know what you’ll get out of this app, let’s talk about the price.

Highster Mobile Cost

This app only has two subscription levels, both of which are charged. Please see the table below for the most up-to-date subscription prices.

  1. $2.99 for the Basic Edition
  2. $6.99 for the Pro Edition
Highster Mobile Review

The advantage of this software is that it does not require a monthly payment. You only have to pay a one-time fee to begin spying.

Is there a free version?

If you’re looking for a free version of this app, you’ll be disappointed. This spy app does not have a free version.

Pros and Cons of Highster

It’s easy to set up and operate.There is no live customer service.
It allows you to monitor effectively while remaining undetected.There is no free version or trial period available.
Its one-time payment charge eliminates any monthly payment difficulties.
It allows you to control the phone remotely.

User Reviews and Verdict

I have used several spy Apps for months and this app does live up to its features. The control panel is informative. It took some time for the data to reflect on the dashboard and once the process was complete I felt like a Hacker spying on the NSA database.

The dashboard showed every single activity from the target phone. The GPS data wasn’t accurate as the GPS was mostly off (which was fine). My friend (who was my target) was unable to find the spy app on his device. All these things contributed to the positive side of the App.

Now coming to the negative side. First and foremost the app doesn’t have live customer support. We can get in touch with them through a number (which in most cases goes to voicemail) or via email. I had sent an email as a test but till now I have just gotten back the standard reply. I’m not sure if the pandemic has got to do something with this. 

Secondly, many people claim that they’re unable to get refunds (Hopefully I won’t have this issue). I have personally not tested this so I can’t give you any guarantee. Also to be sure of the authenticity of the app, I even traveled the Internet for reviews of other users and most of them say the app is really really bad. 

The lack of the greatest spying features that were claimed is a recurring issue among complaints. Some reviews admit that they did not jailbreak or root their iPhones or Android smartphones, while others claim to have done so but still allege that the app is useless and does not work as stated. 

This could be due to outright deception, user error (which is more likely if the process isn’t user-friendly), or simply because their smartphone was incompatible. In my case, I was able to get the most features as the target phone was rooted.

Currently, the app is rated 2.4 on TrustPilot and 1.3 on SiteJabber out of 5.


Before I go any further, I want to address the Godzilla in the room. You might have good intentions for using the app but make sure that you have the full permission of your target (in case they are your kids or employees), If your target is your spouse then make sure you sit down with them and address the problems rather than spying on them (which is a breach of trust). 

Installing this for illicit activities is not recommended. Whatever information you obtain as a result of this invasion of privacy will never be accepted in a court of law, but you may find yourself in legal trouble. 

As for the app, the basic edition of Highster Mobile ($2.99) may be sufficient for parents/spouses/employers on budget. The only downside is you need to root or jailbreak (depending on the phone) to take full advantage of the features.

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