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FlexiSpy Review

FlexiSpy Free Trial and Review 2022 | All you Need to Know Before Purchasing a License

by Daniel Moore

If you’re looking for a premium spy software to track and monitor your loved ones, then FlexiSpy is the one to get.

It was developed to monitor communication activity by infiltrating the smartphone and relaying the information onto a dashboard that you have access to. It’s one of the best spy software available in the market today as it comes loaded with a ton of features that you can take advantage of.

To get FlexiSpy working, you would need to have access to the Android smartphone you’re about to spy on. But if the user has an iPhone, then you would have to know their iCloud credentials to get into their data.

This article is my unbiased review about the spy app – FlexiSpy and it’s true capabilities. I will take you through everything you need to know about FlexiSpy before you can go out there and purchase a personal license for yourself.

So without further ado, here’s the FlexiSpy review you’ve been waiting for.

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FlexiSpy Review

Application Compatibility

FlexiSpy Review

FlexiSpy supports iOS devices up to 14.x and can be installed on Android smartphones that run on the latest Android 11.

However, it will not work with older Blackberry or Nokia Symbian devices as those are currently outdated.

How Does FlexiSpy Work?

FlexiSpy works like any other third-party spy software would. You will need to first purchase a license off the official website and then you will receive an email with the list on instructions to follow to set up the app.

Here’s what you’d need to do

  • Android – Download the 2mb APK file from the website and install the app on the targeted smartphone. Hide the app once it has been installed.
  • iOS – iOS devices would not require you to download any app onto the device. Rather, you will be able to access their data using their iCloud credentials.

Now that this has been cleared up, you will have to access the platform on your laptop. You can either use a computer or your smartphone to monitor the other device.

For Android devices, FlexiSpy would require direct access to the smartphone to pull data and personal information. You will be able to sync your FlexiSpy account with the Android device and monitor what happens real-time.

If the phone you’re going to monitor is an iPhone, you would have to login to FlexiSpy using the targets iCloud credentials. This will give you access to their backups and therefor you will be able to monitor everything that happens on the iPhone.

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Useful Monitoring Features

FlexiSpy Review

You get monitoring data screened in your online dashboard. It depends on the package you purchase the number of data monitoring features you will get access to.

Here I am going to enumerate all of them:

  • Call recording features – You are able to get records of one’s calls, which means you get a full information on a given conversation. It is rather valuable feature pulling the monitoring performance to a higher level. You also get call logs and can listen/record phone surroundings. Such an option offers you a full control over one’s activity. However, it has a great impact on user’s battery life and can only be used if the phone is connected to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network. Although 3G/4G networks provide unstable and very weak connection, so this feature remains useless.
  • Messages incoming/sent monitoring – SMS texting is still popular and you will get messages’ content incoming/sent to/from the user’s device. The content monitored also includes MMS messages, so you gain even a media content. However, the share of SMS is decreasing throughout the years in messaging traffic, so you may be more interested in monitoring  IM Chats activities.
  • IM Chats monitoring – You will get an access to user’s activity on the most popular application chats developed. Viber, Skype, Facebook – all of them could be monitored. However, the application is still not supporting Tinder activity monitoring, although it is rather old and popular.
  • Retrieving passwords – This option gives you an access to all passwords saved on a user’s browser/device. This will grant you an access to services not supported by application.  You also may get one’s credit card information.
  • GPS Tracking – The tracking data is screened in your dashboard and being updated instantly depending on the settings you have chosen. It is one of the most valuable features needed to enforce parental control.
  • Remote control/data monitoring – You get remote administrator rights for browsing any application, contact information and media content present on a device. You also can restart the phone, install or remove the application from the phone. In order to enforce advanced monitoring you instantly get phone’s display screenshots.

FlexiSpy does not allow you to block an application from functioning like they’re supposed to. Instead, all you can do is have that app removed from the phone altogether. It’s not recommended to use this feature as the user of the phone will definitely get to know that there’s something wrong.

Same goes with incoming calls, you will not be able to block any incoming call on the targeted device with FlexiSpy.

FlexiSpy Online Dashboard

FlexiSpy Review

The online dashboard for FlexiSpy can be accessed via the laptop or on your smartphone itself. It’s a tool that provides you with access to monitor everything that happens on the targeted smartphone. You will be able to view messages, calls, emails, images, videos, GPS data and more via the online dashboard.

This dashboard regularly receives updates, so you will not experience bugs or issues with the online dashboard unless there’s a seasonal update taking place. Updates that happen normally improve the speed of the dashboard and at times you’d be provided with a new feature.

The dashboard is customizable and you can select what you want to be displayed on the screen. You can even set up your billing plan and manage your subscription easily.

FlexiSpy Packages

FlexiSpy Review

There are two packages being offered by FlexiSpy at the moment.

  • The basic one includes most of necessary features, however the price is too high when comparing to other spy apps.
  • The Extreme Package includes call and area surrounding recording feature, which is the only reason FlexiSpy could be supposed unique.

However, it is the most expensive package ever released. It is available minimum 3 months subscription purchase for $199, while the basic version starts from $29.95 per month. Considering the features packed into this app, I’d say it’s worth the price.

FlexiSpy Free vs Premium

FlexiSpy does not come with a free version and would be available to download only after purchasing a license. Unfortunately, there’s no trial version of the software too.

Instead, FlexiSpy comes with an online demo of the application that shows you exactly what the app is capable of before purchasing it. You can access the demo of the dashboard from within the FlexiSpy website and give it a go from there. If you’re interested, then purchasing and setting up the application won’t take even more than 5 minutes.

FlexiSpy Know-How

It is a call recording option. Well, I know this feature was developed and successfully enforced by other services, but most of the reputable ones withdrawn this feature to avoid any law issues. However, FlexiSpy still provides you with the live call recording function as a part of the Extreme package.

FlexiSpy Review

Although the creators of FlexiSpy made sure the installation process would as easy as possible by providing a proper installation wizard, I do not think that it’s necessary to jailbreak or root the device to spy on it. But if you’re going to use the app on a jailbroken or rooted phone, then you can purchase the installation remote consultation service and get that done.

FlexiSpy Support

FlexiSpy Review

FlexiSpy support team works 24/7 and you’re able to reach out to them via the website’s live chat or by calling the team using the phone number mentioned on the site.

FlexiSpy Review

While the application is pretty straight-forward to install and use, i’m pretty sure that some of you would require some help setting up the app for the first time. Give them a call, they’re ready to help.

They even provide a money-back guarantee for up to 60 days from the date of purchase and you’re entitled to raise a complaint if you’re facing any issue with the software.

FlexiSpy Application Disadvantages

There is no specific information on the application’s impact on a smartphone’s battery life, but I am sure it is pretty huge especially if you’re focusing on taking advantage of the live call recording feature.

The application is a bit expensive as compared to other spy software such as mSpy and Spyier.

Since there is no support for Blackberry devices, most of us in the UK would have to switch over to another app that provides access to those types of smartphones.


FlexiSpy is surely not a scam. It is reliable enough for you to be sure you’ll get a well-performing spyware.

However, after writing this FlexiSpy review I made a conclusion that it may seem overpriced and kind of unready due to a couple of issues here and there.

My simple suggestion to you is to login to their website and give their demo a try. If you think it’s something that suits your requirements, then go ahead. If not, then there are others out there that may meet your standard.

Stay safe!

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