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Best Private Browser for Windows

Best Private Browser for Windows 2021

by Daniel Moore

One of the easiest ways to protect your online privacy is by using a private browser or an anonymous web browser on your Windows PC/laptop. 

While it’s almost next to impossible to stay entirely anonymous on the internet, there are a handful of web browsers that do a remarkable job of maintaining your anonymity. 

Native browsers like Edge, Chrome, Firefox all provide users with some level of security when you enable their respective private browsing modes. But, they are prone to attacks and enabling private browsing just doesn’t cut it anymore.

After testing numerous private browsers, we have come to the conclusion that these four browsers let you achieve true anonymity. 

So, here’s our take on the top 4 best private browsers for Windows users. 

  • Tor Browser
  • Epic Browser
  • SRWare Iron
  • Comodo Private Browser

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Top 4 Best Private Browser for Windows

Tor Browser

Best Private Browser for Windows

Tor Browser is the best private browser for Windows users as it was developed with one simple goal in mind, to provide its users with a mode of anonymous communication. It runs on a network that protects your browsing history, online messages, location and personal data.

The reason why Tor is such a loved private browser is because it’s the only browser that sends your internet traffic through multiple relays and tunnels making it next to impossible for anyone to track your session or gain access to your information.

Best Private Browser for Windows

Tor was initially created by the U.S government for intelligence gathering, but it has since then been used by the general public to improve their privacy while browsing online.

While this browser will definitely keep your information safe and secure, the only drawback which our team noticed was that Tor takes time to load a webpage. This is due to the fact that each web page you visit is being rerouted through multiple servers across the world.

Best Private Browser for Windows

But if you’re not too bothered about the overall speed of the browser, you will definitely have fun using it to access the dark web or to keep your personal browsing sessions secured.

Here’s how you can use Tor Browser on your Windows Laptop/PC

  • Start by unlocking your Windows laptop/PC and downloading the Tor browser from here
  • Double click on the downloaded .exe file and  install the browser on your system
  • Then simply open the installed file and begin browsing.

Feature of Tor Browser

Tor browser protects you from tracking and surveillance, but it’s far more than just a private browser. 

  • Tor keeps you anonymous on any site you visit and will isolate individual sites so third-party trackers and cookies can not follow you. It’s one of the few browsers that automatically deletes your browsing history and cookies after each session.
  • It is designed to prevent people from monitoring your browsing session and will not grant them access to information such as the sites you visit or your IP address.
Best Private Browser for Windows
  • Using Tor, your data is encrypted with multiple layers of protection. The network consists of thousands of volunteer-run servers situated around the world known as Tor relays. These servers are what keep you anonymous online and makes it difficult for anyone to pinpoint your location.
  • Finally, it’s the only browser that lets you access any website that has been blocked by your ISP. Other browsers would require a VPN to make this happen, but Tor provides this feature built-in.

Epic Browser

Best Private Browser for Windows

Unlike Tor that runs on its own private Onion network with Tor relays, Epic browser is actually a free Chromium based private web browser that allows you to manage the ways your privacy may be compromised. 

Epic browser has definitely earned the second spot on this list mainly for the fact that it lets you surf the internet in private without having to switch between any standard or incognito browser/tab.

Best Private Browser for Windows

Each time you close the browser, every piece of information from that particular browsing session gets automatically deleted.

Best Private Browser for Windows

The browser is known to run all search queries through a built-in VPN service which means that no after what you search for on the internet through Epic, no one can trace your IP address or find your location.

Here’s how you can use Epic Browser on your Windows Laptop/PC

  • Depending on the file type you download, double click on the .exe to open the installer or on the .zip to extract the installer
  • Once the software is installed, double click on the icon to launch the browser.
  • Launch the browser and then tap on the umbrella icon next to the address bar, this enables the built-in VPN.
  • Once you have enabled the VPN service, none of your information gets tracked and the browser will limit third-party cookies during your session.

Feature of Epic Browser

  • Epic browser blocks tracking scripts and ads on webpages. This allows the webpage to load at least 25% faster than traditional private browsers.
  • By enabling the VPN service, every webpage you open will be encrypted and none of your data will be leaked.
Best Private Browser for Windows
  • None of your browser data will get tracked and sold to third-party organizations.
  • You can access blocked websites and even download videos and music files from online platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube.

SRWare Iron

Best Private Browser for Windows

Like Epic Browser, SRWare Iron is built on Chromium and because of that it has a familiar UI and many of the functions are similar to that of Chrome and Epic Browser. This software features a sleek design with extremely fast site rendering allowing you to browse the internet faster with innovative features at your disposal.

SRWare is known to disable and completely strip many of the privacy related concerns that come with using Chrome. 

Best Private Browser for Windows

The current firmware for SRWare Iron that’s available is 91.0.4650.0 and the developers have made some significant changes to the functionality of the Iron browser mainly in terms of security fixes and tab search results.

Here’s how you can use SRWare Iron on your Windows Laptop/PC

  • Install the .exe file that has been downloaded onto your computer
  • Locate the icon on your desktop and double click on it to run the software

There’s not much to learn while using this software, all I can say is that if you’ve used Chrome in the past then the Iron browser will be a walk in the park.

Feature of SRWare Iron

  • Iron browser does not create any installation-ID
  • Auto-suggestions are disabled in Iron browser and this means that no one will get to know what you searched for on the browser
Best Private Browser for Windows
  • Unlike Chrome, Iron does not report any of your browsing habits nor does it create ads based on your prior search results
  • Customizable browser that does not display your location to third parties
  • Comes equipped with a built-in AdBlock feature

Comodo Private Browser

Best Private Browser for Windows

Comodo is not an extremely popular private browser because not many people know much about it. Truth be told, it is clearly one of the most customizable private browsers we’ve seen in quite some time.

Though it may not run in the same fashion as Tor or Epic, Comodo does have some pretty nifty built-in tools that can amp up your browsing experience. In fact, Comodo has taken two of our favorite browsers and made them secure. 

Best Private Browser for Windows

We have the Comodo Dragon software that’s designed around Chrome and then there’s the Comodo Ice Dragon that is built around Firefox.

Regardless of which browser you choose to download, both will protect you online and keep you browsing sessions private.

Here’s how you can use Comodo on your Windows Laptop/PC

  • Install the downloaded file onto your computer and restart it when the installation is completed.
  • Once your computer restarts, double click on the icon to launch the browser

Feature of Comodo Browsers

  • Comodo Dragon and Ice Dragon feature an easy-to-use interface that utilizes Chromium technology
  • It offers a secure DNS service along with enhanced privacy and performance
Best Private Browser for Windows
  • Comodo browsers are known to prevent all types of download tracking on their browsers and is capable of stopping cookies and trackers from spying on your information
  • You are able to scan web pages directly from the browser and figure out whether they contain malware or not

Tips for surfing the web safely

In addition to using the above mentioned browsers, there are a few tips you can follow to enhance your levels of security.

  • Keep your browser and plugins updated – Cyber criminals tend to exploit any vulnerabilities in your browser. Making sure that your browser and plugins are updated to the latest version will reduce the chance of your information getting attacked.
  • Consider using a Password Manager – It is highly recommended that you use different passwords across your accounts. This will make it harder for anyone to access your information. Using a password manager can help you store the passwords safely without anyone getting control over your data.
  • Block any unwanted pop-ups – Make sure that your browser has pop-ups and ads disabled. This will improve the performance of your browser and even limit the number of website trackers that gain access to your system and online sessions.
  • Use a VPN – Whether your browser offers the service or not it’s best to make use of a VPN on your system. These will maintain your privacy and make sure that you remain untraceable online.

Are there other browsers worth considering?

It is difficult to find a private browser that offers the same level of security as these four. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Edge do offer a certain level of security and privacy, but tend to let some information through even when you’re using one of their respective private browsing modes.

Currently, there is no browser that offers a high level of security like Tor. The problem with online privacy these days is that even browsers like Tor can fall prey to attacks. That being said, it still is the best browser to consider downloading especially if privacy is your main concern.

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