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Best Private Browser for iPhone

Best Private Browser for iPhone in 2021

by Daniel Moore

We’re in the digital age where absolutely nothing is private anymore!

Yes, this is a fact and is one of the main reasons why many people fear browsing the internet. Big companies like Google, Bing or Yahoo send targeted ads to their users depending on what search queries have been keyed in, and other companies track your online activity once you enter their website. 

Though a good VPN can help you bypass trackers, it’s not THE recommended solution. In order to maintain complete anonymity online and to keep your data private, you will have to download and install a good private browser on your iPhone. 

The question now arises, which is the best private browser for the iPhone?

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Based on the level of security it offers, the best private web browser for an iPhone is Red Onion. This browser has been developed for complete anonymity and private browsing, it can help you bypass any Wi-Fi filter and grant you access to the internet.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best private browser for iPhone.

  •  Red Onion – Tor-powered Web Browser
  • Snowbunny Private Web Browser
  • Private Browsing Web Browser
  •  Firefox Focus: Privacy Browser
  • Ghostery Privacy Browser
  • Brave Private Web Browser
  • Opera Browser
  • Private Browser Deluxe
  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser
  • Private Browser – Surf Safe

Top 10 Best Private Browser for iPhone

 Red Onion – Tor-powered Web Browser

Red Onion is a private browser that lets you access the internet anonymously. It allows you to bypass public and private network filters allowing you to surf the web without any restrictions.

Considered to be second best to Tor, Red Onion comes equipped with a built-in downloader that hides your IP address so no one knows who you are or your current whereabouts. It provides you access to the internet by tunneling through the Tor network and is designed to auto-delete your cookies when you close the app.

While Red Onion is the most private browser around for the iPhone, it’s clearly not the fastest. Since it has to reroute through numerous servers to maintain your anonymity, you can expect pages to load slower than on Safari or any other browser.

CompatibilityiOS 7.0 or later
File Size50.7mb
Current VersionVer. 2.2

Snowbunny Private Web Browser

Snowbunny is another great private browser to use on your iPhone. Though it is not as popular as you might think, Snowbunny actually has quite a few nifty features that you might find interesting.

Unlike Red Onion, Snowbunny is really fast and even offers a full-screen mode so you get the most the browser has to offer. There’s an inbuilt private mode that you can access via the Settings menu for added privacy.

What’s great about Snowbunny is that as a web browser, it does not store your browsing history, search history, cookies or any login information you would have entered on any webpage you visited. This is beneficial for those looking to surf the web in private.

CompatibilityiOS 9.0 or later
File Size3.5mb
Current VersionVer. 11.1

Private Browsing Web Browser

Private Browsing Web Browser is a full screen incognito browser that works great on iPhones and iPads. It offers a completely private browsing experience in full-screen and the best part is that it’s free to download.

This browser also deletes cookies, cache and browser history every time you exit the app. No one will ever know. It has been designed to use every pixel of your iPhone screen and offers a viewing area of 13% more than that of Safari.

It uses the same Safari browsing engine so you can expect your results to appear faster. It offers dark mode support and does not come with any auto-fill capabilities which is one important thing not to have in a private browser.

CompatibilityiOS 11.0 or later
File Size5.7mb
Current VersionVer. 14.3

 Firefox Focus: Privacy browser

Firefox Focus is another all private web browser for iPhones that has been designed to automatically block ads and pop-ups. It’s capable of blocking a wide range of online trackers and even erases your browsing history, passwords and cookies so websites can’t track you.

Since the browser removes trackers and ads by default, it’s impressively fast while loading high-quality content pages. Firefox Focus was developed by Mozilla and is clearly one of the best private browsers for iPhones. 

You can expect there to be regular updates to the file as they work towards fixing any bugs or glitches, but all in all this is one extremely good private browser that you should definitely consider downloading.

CompatibilityiOS 11.4 or later
File Size27.9mb
Current VersionVer. 34.0

Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery is another free to use browser that you can download off the App Store. It’s easy to use and offers a carefree browsing experience while maintaining maximum privacy. It has been designed to block ads and trackers automatically thus providing you with a faster page load time.

This browser highlights the privacy statistics and you will be able to see how many trackers and  ads have been blocked during your browsing session. It lets you clear your browsing history with the click of a button and will remove cookie pop-ups and block websites from tracking your online activity.

Some of the main features of Ghostery are; automatic forget mode that prevents adult content from getting stored in your browser history and Phishing prevention where you will be notified if a website has been flagged for suspicious activity.

CompatibilityiOS 12.0 or later
File Size48.7mb
Current VersionVer. 3.0.2

Brave Private Web Browser

Brave is one of the best free to use private browsers this year. It offers intense protection as you surf the web by blocking ad trackers, third party cookies, script blocking and more. The browser even comes with an incognito mode that allows you to surf the web with added privacy.

While it is extremely user-friendly and safe to use, the browser has actually been reworked several times over the years and you may see a bug or two, but other than that, it’s pretty much one of the private browsers around. 

You can download the free version of Brave from the App Store. The developers of Brave have claimed that the browser is at least 3 times faster than Google Chrome and offers better privacy than Firefox. So it’s definitely something you should consider downloading.

CompatibilityiOS 13.0 or later
File Size159.6mb
Current VersionVer. 1.26

Opera Browser

Opera is an award winning private browser that is lightning-fast on the iPhone. The browser is safe to use and offers a built-in private mode compared to most other browsers out there. 

Opera browser is free to download and employs some of the latest and best web technologies in the market to ensure your safety. It comes with Cryptojacking protection, a built-in ad blocker, night mode and more.

It has been designed to be used on the go and you can customize the browser to your liking. Opera browser was earlier known as Opera touch and is truly a browser to consider.

CompatibilityiOS 12.0 or later
File Size60.3mb
Current VersionVer. 3.1.1

Private Browser Deluxe

Private browser deluxe is another popular choice of many iPhone and iPad users. This private browser grants you private internet access to download files onto your iPhone and even includes built-in viewers for PDF and Microsoft Word files.

This app supports private browsing, a powerful download manager and works well over both Wi-Fi and Cellular networks. It comes equipped with a secure vault where you can store your files, this vault will be password protected so no one can access your data.

You will be able to delete history, cache, cookies and even downloads with the click of a button and there’s even a section to view your complete browsing history on the iPhone so you are able to determine what needs to be deleted.

CompatibilityiOS 10.0 or later
File Size98.3mb
Current VersionVer. 4.9

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo is far better than the likes of Google Chrome or Bing and is far less intrusive. DuckDuckGo even has a built-in privacy browser that does quite a decent job of protecting your information.

It has been around for a while now and is one of those browsers that automatically blocks third-party trackers and even shows you what was just blocked. The browser uses its default search engine and does not rely on data from Google or Bing.

The DuckDuckGo privacy browser comes equipped with HTTPS everywhere to keep you safe online and as a browser, we have no complaints whatsoever. The browser is free to download and there are no restrictions on what you are about to surf.

CompatibilityiOS 13.0 or later
File Size51.5mb
Current VersionVer. 7.63.9

Private Browser – Surf Safe

Here’s another brilliant private browser to download on your iPhone – Private Browser Surf Safe.This anonymous browser keeps your data secure by applying a powerful  encryption to safeguard your online activity.

This browser comes with a built-in VPN so you can select the server by yourself and will encrypt your traffic no matter what you’re browsing. It also provides you with a couple of local protection features such as a TouchID lock or a password to access the browser.

With Private browser, pages load faster, both input and output data are encrypted, there’s a standard mode and an improved security mode depending on the kind of webpages you want to look at. Unlike most, this app is free to download but comes with a trial period which means that you will have to subscribe to the browser to gain access to all of its features.

CompatibilityiOS 9.0 or later
File Size70.6mb
Current VersionVer. 3.3

Why is it good to use a private browser on an iPhone?

Private browsers help us stay anonymous while we surf the web. They tend to delete cookies and block trackers from displaying targeted ads. 

Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider downloading a private browser.

  • Websites Can’t Track Your Activity – The first reason you should download and use a private browser is so that websites can’t send your target advertisements. Sites normally send trackers to your browser to display ads of the things you have searched in the past. The information that is collected can be sold to third-party companies and then your data will be out in the open.
  • Secures Your Browsing Experience – Another reason is that private browsers secure your personal information and limit people from viewing things like your browsing history, passwords, download information and so on.
  • Let’s You Access All The Sites –  Private browsers at times use VPN which enables you to gain access to blocked websites by masking your IP address. This is good if you’re looking to download some illegal files or movies.


Private browsing on a n iPhone is not a myth, it’s something that’s possible and there are millions of iPhone users worldwide who use private browsers on a daily basis. 

Currently, we were able to determine that the best private browser in the market is Red Onion, though it’s not as popular as Firefox or brave, it runs off the Tor network which currently stands as the most secure and private network around.

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