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6 Best HDMI Switchers 2021

by Elvis

We reviewed the best HDMI switchers for you. Check it out!

Owning your own home theatre is one of life’s great delights, especially if you have a room in your home dedicated to housing your magnificent TV or projector screen, speakers, and numerous A/V components. If you’re a true audio-visual enthusiast, we’re thinking your media room is outfitted with an A/V receiver with HDMI switching capabilities.

While most receivers include a variety of ports to which you can attach your gear, what happens if you run out of inputs? What if you’re just hooking up your components to your TV and your device doesn’t have enough HDMI connections to accommodate all of your game systems?

Fortunately, an HDMI switcher is all that is required. The greatest HDMI switchers have four or more HDMI connections, with ports powered by the latest HD chipsets to provide the best possible picture and sound quality. Auto-switching, 4K and 3D capability, and remote control operation are all features of high-quality switchers.

To help you out we’ve put together a list of the top devices on the market right now.

Top HDMI Switchers

Sgeyr 4K@60Hz 5×1 HDMI Switch

If you have a good 4k setup, whether monitor or TV, this small box from the strangely titled SGEYR should be your new best buddy. It has five inputs, each of which supports 4K UHD playback as well as HDR compatibility, so it’s pretty much future-proof for the foreseeable future unless you’re interested in owning a big 8k TV when they become the standard, which is still a few years away.

Each individual port is gold plated, but don’t be fooled by that sales point — check our Things to Consider box later in this guide for more information. The housing is also made of metal, so it should last a long time, though these aren’t typically hammered. They are usually confined to a single location and left to their own devices.

Another advantage is the remote control, which allows for simple line-of-sight toggling between the five inputs. However, if you lose it, you can get out of your seat and just push the buttons on the front of the box.

Kinivo 501BN 4K/30Hz HDMI Switch

Kinivo 501BN takes first place because of its remarkable performance and output, which is comprised of a hybrid aluminium body. This hybrid design allows it to be more consistent in terms of performance and cooling, as it improves the body’s heat dissipation capacities.

It also supports resolutions of up to 4K @ 30Hz. This resolution may not be a deal-breaker for some, but power users may miss out on 4K @ 60Hz capabilities that other switches may have, but some compromises may be made when it comes to the power-packed range of ports that you can receive at a manageable price. This contains 3D support as well.

The 5 in 1 output can be extremely helpful in delivering the sleek and clutter-free output that you have always desired. This can easily accommodate all of your multimedia equipment and gadgetry, such as game consoles, TV boxes, and Blu-ray players.

Regardless of your budget, the Kinivo 501BN is an absolute must-have if you’re looking for an HDMI switch.

Zettaguard 4K X 2K 4 Port 4 X 1 HDMI Switch

The Zettaguard 4K (you’ll notice that popular firms you’ve heard of don’t tend to hang out in this space) is a terrific little alternative for those of you on a tight budget.

It is also one of the tiniest. While none of the units we’re discussing here are very large, the True 4k is the thinnest on the market, neatly squeezing away out of sight in even the smallest of spaces.

We lose one input from some of the more expensive machines, but four should be enough for most people. With 4K and 2K input as standard, perhaps the most exciting and largely unique feature is the presence of a Picture in Picture mode, which allows the user to view another HDMI source in a tiny window in the corner.

Iogear GHSW8181

Some of us must simply connect every HD component we own to our television. That’s why we included the Iogear GHSW8181 in our list. This HDMI switcher has eight ports and can handle full 1080p HD transmissions, 12-bit Deep Color, Dolby True HD, and DTS HD Master Audio. There is no auto-switching for device selection on the GHSW8181, therefore you must cycle between inputs using the front buttons or the provided remote.

We haven’t even mentioned 4K. Regrettably, this switcher only accepts normal HD streams. You’ll also need to make room for another power cable, as this massive switcher requires one. To be honest, for the money you’ll spend on this switcher, an A/V receiver if your media room doesn’t already have one could be a better purchase.

Gana 3×1 HDMI Switch

Perhaps your home theatre only needs one or two additional HDMI inputs. You can get this Gana three-to-one switcher for roughly $13. Each of the three inputs supports 4K/30Hz with a data rate of only 3Gbps. The Gana, unlike the other switchers in our overview, includes an HDMI 1.8 output port, so you won’t need to supply your own HDMI cable to connect it to your TV or projection system. A power wire is also not required because the switcher is powered by the components you connect to it.

This is one of the most affordable switchers on the market for the money, but there are a few downsides. To begin with, there is no remote control. This means that every time you wish to change inputs, you’ll have to manually hit the Select button on the top of the unit. Although the switcher has auto-switching, several users have observed inconsistent dependability with this function. Also, if you’re attempting to hide your gear, the Gana’s HDMI pigtail isn’t particularly long, so there’s a little chance of a clean look. There’s no need to leave the Gana if you don’t mind these tiny inconveniences.

Orei HD-201P 2 X 1 High-Speed HDMI Switcher

Our final option differs slightly in that it lacks 4K capabilities, which, in some ways, dates it. In others, it becomes great for the vast majority of us who do not own gigantic 4K gaming monitors and for whom 4K is largely meaningless.

It boasts effective automatic signal identification and can cover a wide range of resolutions up to 1080p, as well as audio formats such as Dolby 7.1 and 5.1. These characteristics may make it the greatest solution for PC users in theory.

But it’s the Orei’s Picture in Picture mode that truly stands out, as it’s far more advanced than any device we’ve seen. When you select the option, you can customize the size of the second input – you can even split the screen in half if you want. It’s a great touch that you won’t find on the other 4k alternatives.

You’re not going to be interested in this if you need 4K – why would you be? – but if you haven’t reached that point yet, this could be the one to go with.

Things To Consider

Is it necessary to use gold-plated connectors?

Gold plating a connector not only sounds good in the marketing copy, but it also enables for a price premium to be added. Gold is really a poorer conductor than copper, which is much cheaper. However, because gold does not tarnish like copper, it should stay longer. Another question is whether a copper connection would degrade significantly throughout the life of a machine like this. So, there’s probably a minor gain, but don’t lose any sleep or money over it.

4K or No 4K?

In the world of television, 4K resolution is now quite standard. Less so in the world of PC monitors. There is still a significant premium on 4K gaming displays, and if you have one, you know how awesome they are, so you should consider using the screen for as many things as possible.

There are less expensive options that do not support 4K, but it is very certain that you will need to update one at some time in the near future, making it a bit of a false economy to save a few dollars now only to spend much more later. Get one that supports 4K resolution.

Best HDMI Switchers: FAQs

What exactly is an HDMI switcher?

HDMI is the most often used audio/video connector. However, TVs may only have one or two HDMI inputs. If you have a lot of HDMI-equipped source devices that need to be connected to your TV, such as an upscaling DVD/Blu-ray/Ultra HD Blu-ray player, cable/satellite box, media streamer, and game console, there may not be enough HDMI ports, but don’t worry.

Rather than purchasing a new TV solely to add more HDMI inputs, consider purchasing an external HDMI switcher to bridge the gap.

Is it true that utilizing an HDMI switcher degrades image quality?

HDMI is a digital signal that, even with the inclusion of a switcher, will not degrade in the same way as earlier analog signals. If you notice a significant drop in signal quality, it could be due to a faulty signal from your switcher or a damaged connection.

What exactly is the distinction between an HDMI switch and an HDMI splitter?

An HDMI switch lets you choose between inputs sent to a single screen, whereas an HDMI splitter transmits a single signal to several panels.

Is it possible for an HDMI switch to send a 4K signal?

Yes, as long as your HDMI cable and switcher support HDMI 2.0, you can send a 4K signal without quality loss.


HDMI switches are definitely the best alternatives for reducing the mess of wires that you usually encounter when connecting your HDMI gadgets to your TV. To clear up any doubt about features, we’ve given you the top brands available, as well as a shopping guide.

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