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Best Free Apple Watch Apps

Best Free Apple Watch Apps 2021

by Daniel Moore

Over the years, Apple Watch developers have been able to create applications that cater to the needs of every type of person out there. With there being over hundreds of Apple Watch applications available, choosing the right ones to download can prove to be an issue considering the limited storage space on the Apple Watch.

Over this article, I will take you through the best Apple Watch applications that you can download for free. They are:

  • Uber
  • Apple Maps
  • iTranslate
  • PCalc
  • Noted
  • Pacemaker
  • Weather
  • Find Near Me
  • ESPN
  • Runkeeper
  • Strava
  • Seven
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Chirp for Twitter
  • Lens for Watch

These applications are free to download and even provide you with what you need without having to take out your iPhone. 

Best Free Apple Watch Apps

Downloading a range of applications on your Apple Watch would have seemed far-fetched back in the day. But, ever since the launch of watchOS 6 we have been able to access the App Store and download our favorite applications onto our Apple Watch. 

Now that the Apple Watch is worn by over 30 million people, developers have upped their game by releasing watchOS versions of every application you can use on your iPhone.

In this round-up of the best free Apple Watch apps, I will take you through all the best rated applications that make the Apple Watch a useful piece of tech to own.

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Best Apple Watch Apps for TravelersUber
Apple Maps
Best Apple Watch Apps for ProductivityPCalc
Best Informative Apple Watch AppsWeather
Find Near Me
Best Apple Watch Apps for Health & FitnessRunkeeper
Best Apple Watch Apps for SocializingFacebook Messenger
Chirp for Twitter
Lens for Watch

Let’s get into them right away!

Best Apple Watch Apps for Travelers

Whether you’re going on a trip to the store or visiting your best friend in another city, these free travel related apps for the Apple Watch have proven to be some of the best you can download today.


Best Free Apple Watch Apps

The Uber application for the Apple Watch is an effective way to book a cab without having to take out your iPhone. Here, all you’d have to do is access the application on your Apple Watch and from there you can book a cab, choose the type of car you’d like and you’ll also be able to check how long till the cab arrives. 

This application however, does not provide the fare breakup or how much you’d have to pay at the end of your trip.

Click here to download Uber from the App Store

Apple Maps

Best Free Apple Watch Apps

Though Apple Maps is not a favorite amongst iPhone users, this application works perfectly fine on the Apple Watch. With the Apple Maps on your Apple Watch, you can command Siri to direct you to a particular location. Siri will open Apple Maps and you’ll be requested to select the appropriate location. 

Once you tap on the name of the place you want to go, you will begin to receive step-by-step updates on your Apple Watch and vibration alerts for each upcoming turn you have to take. 

Click here to download Apple Maps from the App Store


iTranslate is one of the most used applications especially by those visiting other countries. This application lets you translate different languages on your Watch by the touch of the screen. 

With iTranslate, you can select the language you want translated and all you’d have to do is speak into the microphone on the Apple Watch. You will be provided with a direct translation to what was spoken. 

It is one of the most accurate applications in terms of translating languages and can get you out of some tight spots when abroad.

Click here to download iTranslate from the App Store

Best Apple Watch Apps for Productivity

The Apple Watch allows you to complete numerous tasks from your wrist without ever taking out the iPhone. These are some of the best productivity Apple Watch apps.


Best Free Apple Watch Apps

Back in the early 2000’s, everyone was taken aback by Casio’s calculator watch. Fast-forward to 2021, the Apple Watch is capable of functioning as a calculator by simply tapping on the screen. 

It’s a nice and fun application to use and permits basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You can even calculate fractions and percentages from your wrist while using PCalc.

There are two versions of the application on the App Store, the Lite version and the Premium version. 

Click here to download PCalc from the App Store


Best Free Apple Watch Apps

This is a nice audio recording application that allows you to record notes and voice memos from your watch. It features a single-tap recording option and you’re even able to add a time tag to the file.

Time Tag lets you select certain sections of the recording by pinning them so you can easily listen to just those sections on your iPhone.

Click here to download Noted from the App Store


Best Free Apple Watch Apps

Pacemaker is a simple and fun to use DJ app that lets you add effects to mixes you would have created on your iPhone. Here you are provided with 4 presets on your watch such as distortions, underwater effects and even smashing up music.

Pair it with Bluetooth speakers and the fun never ends.

Click here to download Pacemaker from the App Store

Best Informative Apple Watch Apps 

These applications give you the ability to learn new things via your Apple Watch. They come in handy when you’re stargazing or trying to figure out what music is playing or simply searching for something nearby.


Best Free Apple Watch Apps

Though there are numerous weather applications on the App Store that are good, nothing comes close to Apple’s native weather app. This application is capable of providing quick and easy information related to the weather. 

You can set up the places you want to view the weather data for on your iPhone and this then syncs with the Apple Watch so you receive real-time weather updates without having to use your iPhone.

Click here to download Weather from the App Store

Find Near Me

Best Free Apple Watch Apps

Find Near Me is an application that allows you to search for nearby amenities from your wrist. It provides a comprehensive list that ranges from ATM’s to beauty salons and book stores. 

In order to find something nearby, simply launch the app and conduct a search for a particular place. Then tap on the appropriate location to either view more details about the place or to receive directions to that location.

Click here to download Find Near Me from the App Store


Best Free Apple Watch Apps

This great application was designed to target sports fans. It provides you with quick access to football scores, cricket matches, F1 races and more.

There are a few applications that cater to the needs of sports fans and with ESPN you can personalize the app to receive notifications and alerts for your favorite leagues and teams.

Click here to download ESPN from the App Store

Best Apple Watch Apps for Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness is something that everyone wants to keep track of nowadays and what’s better than being able to track your runs and calories from the comfort of your wrist.


Best Free Apple Watch Apps

Runkeeper is one of those applications that keeps track of your daily running stats. It’s a great application to download because it’s easy to use and doesn’t require you to take out your iPhone.

All you’d have to do is open the app and tap on Start Running. Once you’re done, the app will display the details of your run such as overall time, distance covered and pace at which you were running.

Click here to download Runkeeper from the App Store


Strava has been known to be one of the best apps for the Apple Watch because it allows you to start your activity or workout from your wrist. Once this application is running, the Apple Watch will track your time, splits, distance and heart rate during that particular workout/activity.

Whatever is recorded on your Apple Watch will then be transferred to your iPhone so you can view your stats in detail.

Click here to download Strava from the App Store


Best Free Apple Watch Apps

Seven is an all-round workout app for the Apple Watch that allows you to select seven minute workouts that you wish to do. As it is on the iPhone, you are able to specify if the workout is for your upper body, lower body, core or random.

The app is easy to use and offers reference images along with a countdown timer for the workout you’re about to complete.

Click here to download Seven from the App Store

Best Apple Watch Apps for Socializing

Since the Apple Watch is way more than just your normal time-telling watch, you can access social platforms and either converse with friends and family in the form of voice messages or view, like and re-share posts and tweets.

Facebook Messenger

Best Free Apple Watch Apps

Though there’s no Facebook app for the Apple Watch, there is a Messenger app that lets you access all your Facebook chats.

This app lets you respond to messages via a voice-recording or by using pre-written messages that come stored in the app.

You’re even able to send stickers across to friends and family on Facebook Messenger for Apple Watch.

Click here to download Facebook Messenger from the App Store

Chirp for Twitter

Best Free Apple Watch Apps

Chirp for Twitter is the only way you can access Twitter from your Apple Watch. This app allows you to browse timelines, like tweets and even retweet them without even thinking about your iPhone.

It’s so in depth that you’re even able to view quotes, hashtags and mentions all from the Apple Watch.

Click here to download Chirp for Twitter from the App Store

Lens for Watch

Best Free Apple Watch Apps

Lens for Watch is an all-in-one Instagram app that sits nicely on your wrist. It’s by far the best way to browse Instagram without accessing your iPhone. Lens lets you do pretty much everything from liking posts, commenting on posts, playing videos, searching for people and responding to messages.

You can even view your own feed, explore new users, check your activity, stories and more.

Click here to download Lens for Watch from the App Store


Apple has focused on making sure that the App Store has something for everyone. The applications listed above are considered to be some of the best free apps that you can download on your Apple Watch.

This list was specifically curated to make it easier for you to decide on what app to download. 

So, which Apple Watch app are you going to download today?

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