StealthGenie Review

StealthGenie is now being withdrawn by the manufacturer. It happened due to the legal case against the manufacturer company’s CEO. Recently, StealthGenie was a reliable spy application, however the service cancellation turned the users to buy competitor’s products.

stealthgenie reviewMonitoring Features

The calls were recorded and the text messages were saved on the manufacturer’s server. Also, there was an ability to read emails and have a remote access to other applications. However, one of the most interesting feature for monitoring enthusiasts enabled is a surrounding area recording. The feature allows one to monitor user’s non-device activity, if it is near.

GPS Location

There is a geofencing technology enforced to make application’s GPS locating more effective. Target user’s appearance on the Google Maps is synchronized online with his physical appearance. In order to provide instant monitoring one should be sure there is a stable Internet connection.


Blocking was underestimated by the application manufacturers. That’s why there was an instant issue corresponding to the absence of websites and application blocking features. You couldn’t even block an incoming call. It seems like the only way to restrict an access to application was to delete it remotely.

flexispy-buy-nowCustomer Service

There was a support working hard 24/7 via live chat and telephone.

Pricing policy and Packages

The basic package price started on $8 and grew up to $16 for the Premium package per month. I should mention that the subscription price is always decreased if you prefer a longer term-contract.

Why say “yes” to StealthGenie?

It is a rather reliable spy software, it was cheap, it had a vast of basic functions, it was user-friendly and I guess it was a good choice for the most of you.

StealthGenie Why “not”?

No matter what I say, you still cannot purchase the software, because the manufacturer’s website is closed for a long time, which means an app is totally out of the market.

Compatible with…

Among the standard Android, iOS devices the spyware can also monitor BlackBerry. Not now, however.

My last word

Well, I am done with StealthGenie, just like everybody are. It is not available for purchase, and there are many other well-designed programs.