SpyBubble Review

Once SpyBubble was a good solution to provide a proper monitoring on the target user’s device. However, nowadays it is suitable just for providing an employee’s or child’s activity monitoring. Why? Because it is unhidden now. The user can see an icon on his phone and once a day the manufacturers sends that user a message about being monitored. So, it is suitable just for legal use.

SpyBubble review

What Is Being Reported?

You get the main monitoring data – I am talking about phone call records, text messages, media content stored, etc. It would be easier to say that the one ordered monitoring has almost a full control over the user’s device.

Google Maps GPS Location

There is a module allowing you to track target’s movements. It is a great ground to enforce efficient and strict parental control.

Blocking Features

Unfortunately, I have to mention that also the manufacturer’s product is positioned as an ideal parental control solution, I should mention it lacks a couple of very important features. First of all, I am talking about website blocking. There is no other such an efficient tool to restrict kids’ access to undesired content. The second one should notice is that the only way to provide specific applications blocking is its removal.

Support Issues

Support is something very important for a manufacturer of a popular software. However, I made a compilation of several reviews corresponding to the company’s support performance in order to give you a judged explanation on the application’s performance. The thing is the live chat, which should be the first option to provide a connection between support and customers, does not work as it is written. It could be okay, however, some of the features are also not so cool and stable they were written to be. At last, the live chat issue is still present – customers are connecting support via phone or email.

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Pricing and Terms

The term contract starts from a minimum of 3 months and the cheapest package costs $49.95. Consider that there is no 1 month contract or a trial version to ‘taste’ an application. Some of the program users are confident to state that the application worths every penny wasted.

Application Is Good Because…

It is multifunctional – the number of features is high, and, although, it depends on the type of package the user purchases, it is still okay. It supports a wide variety of devices and can be installed on almost any phone or tablet with BlackBerry, Android and iOS operating systems. Moreover, the installation process is very easy and the application is being instantly updated.

Application Is Bad Because…

It lacks a number of important functions. I already mentioned the blocking capability issues, so now I am going to continue with a content monitoring policy – I can’t look through the user’s media content on a phone, although I can do that using almost any other reviewed by me application. The customer support is also needed to be improved in order to provide smooth performance and updates should be disclosed on the manufacturer’s website. I am also disappointed with the absence of such a useful tool like Alerts. It is obvious now, but the biggest disadvantage I think is a decision to make an application visible.  With an icon on a phone’s home screen, you lose anonymity and the target user is sure he is being monitored.

Compatible Devices

It is compatible with Android, Apple devices and BlackBerry, which is not surprising.

My Verdict on SpyBubble Review

I guess SpyBubble is a nice decision for those trying to enforce partial parental control without a strict monitoring. It can be guaranteed that part of the content sent/received by the user will be noticed by you, however, one should think about whether there are enough features to provide a proper monitoring. The reason is the purchase of a year or  3 months plan will cost a vast and should lead you to good results.