Phone Spy Software Comparison – FlexiSpy vs Mobile Spy vs mSpy

I decided to compare three of these mobile apps as it will be much more convenient for you to make a choice which of them suits better for you. There are numerous monitoring features you may need, so it may be challenging for you to define which app supports those you need unless you read this research. This article is updated, when the new features appear.

Updated – September 2016

Attention – StealthGenie is not available due to a legal case against their CEO. Mobile Spy lost several features and is no longer hidden.

The table below includes most of the apps’ features, and the rest of them are specified in my Reviews and on the spy software web sites.

FlexiSpy vs Mobile Spy vs mSpycomparison-review-400x270

Most of the features are available in a Base Package. In order to get the rest of them you should acquire a Premium Package. Check out the information on the software manufacturer website to be sure that the targeted phone is available for monitoring.
These apps have many common options available, however, there might be a single unique feature, which can have a major impact on your choice.

Flexispy versus mSpy

The difference in price for both of these apps is relatively small, however, Flexispy offers you a Call Recording, Call Intercept and Surroundings Recording options, which is a strong argument, when you make a decision on spy app purchase. Actually, it is a unique offer, as there is no other app granting such a service.

I provided a brief test for this option. The only case of call recording failure was noticed, when there was a break in a call connection.

mSpy had a call recording option recently, but they decided to withdraw with it in order to avoid any legal actions against them. It should be considered that mSpy has the largest market share among competitors for a good reason.

Comparing other monitoring features I have found out there is no big difference between Flexispy and mSpy.

However, mSpy offers a No Jailbreak Monitoring Service. It is the best option for iPhone users to monitor without jailbreaking the device. I disclosed the subject in my mSpy review.

The call recording option is available after purchase of an Extreme package. Its high price is grounded by the uniqueness of the offer. However, you may cut you costs, purchasing the 3 months version with a discount.

Recently Flexispy made it available to make short term purchases for their app (just like mSpy). You may purchase an access for 1,3, or 12 months.

You should take into consideration that long-term packages are more cost-effective than short-term ones.


Mobile Spy versus …

Updated on December 2016

MobileSpy is no longer hidden. Due to the new terms of use the large icon appears on the targeted phone, so the user is informed that the app is monitoring one’s activity. So I guess it makes it impossible to provide a proper service for this app, which is why I cannot recommend it for use.

The app is positioned as the oldest and the cheapest spy software. There were enhanced dozens of updates during the last years.

It offers all the main monitoring options just like the Flexispy except the call recording option. The reliability of the app is proven by the years of running. However, one should be aware that the recent updates made the software visible for the target user.

The base package costs $49.97 per quarter and an enhanced version will cost you $139.97, which is less than 199.99 for advanced Flexispy and mSpy packages.

So, What is the Best?

That is the question you can answer on your own. The arguments app-for-seniorsyou should consider are:

● Monitoring features available
● The target phone model
● Your budget

After considering these factors you can always check the apps’ Demo versions. This will allow you to check an app’s user-friendliness and convenience.

mSpy is surely cheaper and more popular, while Flexispy offers you more advanced options. Both of them show stable performance and are supported by trustable companies, so none of them is a scam or a fraud.

Have a look at my Phonesheriff Investigator Edition review, which is an alternative monitoring tool for Apple devices. It is positioned as a child monitoring tool, which can be used avoiding jailbreak. This option is already offered by an mSpy, and Phonesheriff is now visible on a target phone.

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