mSpy Review

This is an mSpy full review I wrote after a brief testing period. mSpy is designed to provide a hidden phone/tablet activity monitoring.

How it works

mspy review

The mSpy monitoring solution can be used in two common ways. First one, implies gaining a physical access to the target user’s device in order to obtain administrator rights and install the program. Installation of the application is only possible after the device being Rooted if it is an Android phone/tablet or Jailbroken if it is an Apple device. However, one may also provide a partial monitoring activity, avoiding Jailbreak on Apple devices. You should have iCloud credentials of the target user in order to perform this type of monitoring. This option was enforced after withdrawal of PhoneSherrif Investigator possessing similar features. However, there is no matter what kind of monitoring is more suitable for you as – it may seem unfair – there are no discounts for those enforcing Jailbreak-free way of monitoring, although it has plenty of limitations.

After providing an app installation or entering iCloud target’s credentials in a control panel you can view user’s activity in your dashboard. If you want to get more specific information on mSpy software monitoring features read below.


The dashboard is your own user area provided by mSpy manufacturers on their web site. It is designed to offer you the most convenient way to retrieve target user’s activitydata. In order to enter it you should have a password and login, which you get during the registration process. This section is also designed to deal with your billing/payment issues, notifications and have a quick access to the manufacturer’s support. It is fully customizable. You can also control the user’s device remotely using a dashboard. The only thing you may concern about is a safety of the monitoring data you get. You know it is being retrieved from the target user’s device, processed by the manufacturer’s server and then displayed in your dashboard, so you do not know whether you have a unique access to the confidential information received. The monitored data usually contains of activity reports and user logs.

Reporting and Logging

The data you received depends on a service package you purchased. You get user call logs containing contacts, time of call, text messages’ content, etc. You also may get reports on user’s keylogging activity and the list of applications installed. The logs and reports updating is fully customizable if the target device has an app installed. However, short data retrieved updating period has a negative impact on device’s battery life. Unfortunately, not Jailbroken devices could not be monitored on the online basis – you only get reports and logs once in 24 hours, which may be too late. Also, if the devices up to deal with 3G/4G connections instead of Wi-Fi, they are being monitored poorly, as there is too low connection speed to provide quick data uploading.


GPS Location Tracking

It is a useful feature giving you an information on the user’s location. However, it only works when the monitored user has a stable Internet connection which is not mentioned on mSpy manufacturer’s web site. Also, it may lack accuracy as the data is not always being processed rapidly. Although, there are limitations on Jailbroken free device GPS tracking due to the iCloud updating peculiarities. So you get the data on user’s location once in 24 hours and it is the location where iCloud was backed up.

Blocking Capabilities

mSpy advanced packages provide you with an ability to block apps, websites and incoming calls from undesired persons for the target phone. It is possible due to the fact you get an access to the list of applications installed, call logs and browser history. It may be in use for those trying to enforce a parental control for their kids or concerning about employees’ activity during the working hours. Although, it may be considered as a helpful option you should know that such an activity may seem rather suspicious for the target user. Moreover, apps, websites and incoming calls are being blocked only after the target user’s device is being connected to the Internet next time.

24/7 Support?

mSpy manufacturer provides a 24/7 support for the spyware users. You can connect the manufacturer via email, telephone or a live chat. I did not check this feature out, however you may see there is no callback widget, although it is rather encouraging tool for users preferring a phone conversation, not typing via live chat.

You may need to contact support, if you are not sure whether you can Jailbreak/Root the device and install the software. There is an MAssistance option you may purchase in order to get a remote assistance to accomplish these goals.

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Trial Version and Demo Site

Unfortunately, there is no Trial Version for new users. However, you can visit the Demo Site ( It is an area you can use to get acquainted with the dashboard you gonna deal with. You will get some information on GPS tracking performance, user data synchronization methods, etc. Try it before purchase, however, it would be better if mSpy manufacturer offered a proper Trial Version with limited features and period of use.

Price/Quality Correlation

There are three packages available for purchase with prices starting from $29.99 up to $84.99 per month. However, you can get an application for a lower fee per month if choose 3 months or 12 months subscription. It is a serious investment, though, so make sure the package obtains all the necessary features you need.


You need to check the manufacturer’s web site ( in order to define whether your target user’s device is supported by the application. Although it is written that Windows devices are supported, I am not sure about Windows phones and tablets. Moreover, you definitely cannot monitor BlackBerry phones using this application.

mspy review 2Application Advantages

mSpy has a good business website, has all the contact data on its web page and is based in the U.S. It is really working and I can say it is not a scam. It is being updated in order to avoid the device manufacturers’ defense systems and offers a none-Jailbreak monitoring option. It is average-priced and has a refund policy. There is a Demo site, which allows you to evaluate the dashboard convenience. At last, it provides a proper hidden monitoring service.

Application Disadvantages

You cannot provide a proper online monitoring service. If you need the monitoring data being updated hourly or in less than 10 minutes it will have a serious impact on the target user’s device battery life.

The pricing policy is too sophisticated and unclear. The price of 1 month term contract and 12 months term contracts differ too much and there is no trial version you can download. The none-Jailbreak features are included to the packages, so you have to pay as much as those having expanded monitoring features. Earlier there was a PhoneSherrif Investigator you could buy for $80 for a lifetime having all none-Jailbreak features you need. You also should pay if assistance is needed to Jailbreak/Root the device, although the remote assistance implies not more than phone/ live chat consultation. There is no very valuable call recording feature you may need. At last, there is not enough information concerning the refund policy.


The mSpy software solution is still being developed an updated in order to provide the best service. However, there still are some features manufacturer should improve, although there already features enforced enough to satisfy someone’s needs.