Monitoring Skype Use on Cell Phones and Tablets

I wrote this article to describe one’s Skype activity monitoring issues. The only solution to provide Skype monitoring implies a spyware installation on the target device or a remote monitoring solution using Skype account owner’s login data.
Skype is a reputable and reliable voice calling tool, which gained popularity throughout the years. It was only used on PCs and Macs till tablets and smartphones appeared on a stage.
The Skype application provides stable voice and video calling options and supports live chats between 2 or more users via the Internet connection. It was a first software in a branch which outdated SMS messaging and GSM calls.
It is completely free if both of conversation participants have a stable Internet connection at the moment. Skype was first to make it possible to communicate completely free avoiding international calls fee.

Skype on Mobiles and Tablets

Considering above mentioned data you won’t be surprisedmonitoring_Skype1 when I say that the number of calls and text messages via Skype is growing rapidly and most of the traffic is provided by Smartphone and Tablet owners. There are many applications offering the similar to Skype services, however, the share of Skype users remains to grow.

Skype Monitoring

When Skype appeared on a stage there were no solutions presented to offer a reliable Skype activity monitoring. However, recently spyware manufacturers solved this problem and nowadays you are able to control other users’ communication traffic. Which is a good news for those standing for parent control enforcement.

What You Need

At the moment I can only recommend a few spyware solutions. Those are the ones I have tested for several months

on my own. Frankly, I am talking about reliable Mobile Spy, mSpy and Flexispy. However, due to the recent changes enforced by a manufacturer, Mobile Spy became visible for a target person, so you probably should consider Flexispy and mSpy as the most effective solutions. Both of these are providing a high-quality service.
You should consider that these applications should be installed on a target user’s device. That is the only option you can provide a proper monitoring. In order to install any of listed above applications you should make sure that the device is rooted (if it is supporting an Android OS) or jailbroken (for iPads, iPhones).
The software installation gives you an ability to provide an online monitoring of all messages sent/received via Skype. It also lets you to get acquainted with the call logs and media content used.
At the moment, you cannot record calls made via Skype.
I already mentioned that there are other service similar to Skype. Spyware manufacturers are aware of that. That’s why using mSpy and Flexispy you can also monitor WhatsApp, Viber and other popular services’ activity as well.
Spyware manufacturers are making updates to earlier developed services, which is the reason why you still are able to monitor your kids’ or employees’ activity.
If you are not sure which application to choose I recommend you to read my comparison review, as there are some differences between the mentioned above programs. Now I am talking about something more than just Skype monitoring solutions.