Mobile Spy Review – the Old Reliable Spy Software

I wrote this review in order to explain why Mobile Spy is really a reliable spy software. I installed an app and made a few tests in order to offer you a full guide on how to use this program.

Attention! Updated on December 2016!

I do not recommend Mobile Spy – it is not hiddflexispy-monitoring-software-02en anymore. Once you install it on the smartphone an icon
application appears, so the user is informed about being monitored.
The manufacturer already gave up on their Phonesheriff Investigator and cancelled several monitoring services, so I cannot say that Mobile Spy is an effective monitoring solution anymore. I recommend you to read my reviews on Flexispy and mSpy if you are looking for a reliable spy application.
Mobile Spy manufacturer removed some useful options from their app so they could avoid any legal cases. Due to the number of users requesting refunds, it is obvious that most of them prefer to use hidden applications. You can read my comparison review to choose a stable hidden spy software.

Interesting Mobile Spy Facts

Mobile Spy was developed in 2003. It is an oldest monitoring software providing a high-quality service.
The Mobile Spy manufacturer is registered in the US. The company is located in Jacksonville, Florida. The fact that the company providing such a service is based in U.S. means it is probably not a scam. It would be much easier to be based in a country with less strict legislation for a scam.
Payments are accepted via PayPal and major (VISA/MasterCard/Payoneer etc.) credit cards. You should know that scams are usually banned by PaPal and VISA/MasterCard providers.
The website looks reliable and well-maintained. There is a contact information given, including phone number, address and e-mail.
The site has an A+ rate due to the Better Business Bureau. Due to the information disclosed they have more than 150000 subscribers.
Why do I mention it? We are talking about a spy software here, and this is where you face with scams and fraud companies. Each of them tries to look reputable, however, none of them can fake all the given about points just because they are frauds.
All the information given above leads me to conclude that Mobile Spy is one of the most reputable services.


Most of the phone models and operating systems ar
e supported. It also supports Android tablets and iPads. So you can use Mobile Spy on versions up to BlackBerry 7.1, Android 4.4.3, only Windows Mobile 6, iPhone 7.1.2, Symbian 9.5.
Check this part and manufacturer’s site for updates.

Mobile Spy Features

Mobile Spy offers a wide variety of the common monitoring features (SMS texts, web browsing history, call logs etc.). An application is delivered in two packages – Standard Basic Package (satisfies most of your needs) and Premium Version which enforces the Live Control Panel (for advanced monitoring).
The Standard Basic Package is cheaper and has more advanced options than competitors’ offers. There are 3 term contracts available:

  • 3 months for $49.97;
  • 6 months for $69.97;
  • 12 months for $99.97;

The Premium Version has a Live Control Panel and could be purchased on the same terms for a higher price:

  • 3 months for $64.97;
  • 6 months for $89.97;
  • 12 months for $139.97;

You should consider that Mobile Spy packages are the cheapest ones.


Enhanced Options with a Standard Package?

Among with the basic reporting options you also get:

  • Messenger/Social Monitoring – all social network activity is being monitored with no additional fee.
  • YouTube – all videos watched on YouTube are indicated.
  • Dropbox – download/upload Dropbox files monitoring.
  • BlackBerry Pin Messages – no comments.
  • MMS Message monitoring
  • Gmail – Gmail account content is monitored.
  • Alerts – an app sends you an alert if any trigger word or phone number being mentioned or logged in.
  • Apps Installed/Blocking – any download/install activity is being monitored. You can block any app using your dashboard or control panel.
  • Remote Controls – grants you control over the target phone remotely.
  • Dashboard Information – all the data about the target phone including Wi-Fi settings and battery strength.
  • I remind you that these features are included in the standard package with any term contract.

Live Control Panel Tool

Live Screenshot – you get a screenshot of the smartphone’s display every 90 seconds.
Logs by Email – all the notifications needed will be sent to your email.
Instant GPS Map – shows you the phone location.
Some features could be missed, but I think it is obvious you get the most important features in a Standard Package, which is the reason there is no need to purchase an enhanced version.
Do not forget to make sure necessary features are available for your target phone on manufacturer’s website.

tablet-monitoring-002Online Demo

I believe you should try a Demo online account. Just in case you need to check whether the application is user-friendly enough for you.

What’s More?

Did I mention that Mobile Spy can monitor several devices simultaneously? There are special offers for small business and families.
If you buy a 12-months subscription you can get a Sniper Spy for free as well. It is an advanced PC and Mac monitoring tool.

Is Mobile Spy App the Best?

It depends on your needs. It is a reputable and reliable application with the best price could be offered. It is a useful and safe tool for business, it is an optimal choice for parent control enforcement. However, it is not hidden, which is the reason most of the spy application users prefer other tools.