Installing Mobile Phone Spy Software – A Step by Step Guide

This article will be rather helpful for beginners who never dealt with spyware earlier. Pay attention to its content as any mistake you make during the installation process will make a purchased app useless.
If you are preparing to your first installation, do not rush. Consider that an installation process takes several minutes. The time you need depends on spyware requirements and the target device characteristics.

Every Program is Unique!

You need no special skills to install a spy app, which doesn’t mean there are no troublesome issues could arise.

In order to get started consider that each program has its own unique features and requirements, however, all of them share the basic principles. All reputable companies provide a full guide with FAQs attached considering installation process peculiarities, and I am going to give some basic recommendations in this article.

Prepare Well

It is recommended to read my cell phone spyware guide at fishutterstock_183570794-825x510rst before you get to program installation. You can only start if you are completely sure your target phone remains compatible and supported by the chosen spyware. And I really hope you checked manufacturer and chose the right package before performing a purchase. Make sure you downloaded a right version and are not trying to install an Android version spyware on iPhone – it’s pointless.
Let me recommend you to get acquainted with StelthGenie, mSpy and Mobile Spy installation guides – they could be useful if you are up to choose correspondent spy software. Also, if you have chosen Flexispy, do not hesitate to use a helpful installation wizard developed by manufacturers to clear any question on the process may have arisen.
I recommend to provide monitoring using your PC – it is much more convenient and reliable when considering the stability of Internet connection.

Installing the Software

I am obligated to mention that there may be differences in the installation process and it depends on a manufacturer.
Make a purchase on a manufacturer’s website and make sure you entered an email address correctly.
The login data to your dashboard could be set up during your first registration. However, there are manufacturers that provide you with a login data on a later stage. Anyway, keep that data safe and do not share it with third parties.
After registration, you usually need to confirm it by following a link in a service’s letter. The same action is needed to confirm a purchase and afterwards you get a spyware download link. The same letter contains a guide or a link to a guide on installation process.
The link given in a letter should be followed within the target phone’s browser. Or you should have a specific software if it is downloaded using a unique QR-code. Once you made mentioned above actions the download starts.130916103514568
After the download is being completed enter the activation code you get in a manufacturer’s letter or the one pointed out in your profile data section. Now you should wait until the installation process is finished. It may take several minutes.
Usually, in order to finish an installation program asks to restart the device. Do it as soon as you can.
Be thoughtful – clear the device browser history to hide any evidences of program installation if needed. If the installation failed you probably forgot to Jailbreak or Root the device. In the last worst case – there are compatibility issues or the program is scam. Actually, it is better to perform jailbreaking/rooting at first as I had some issues and I know this is the stage which most of the users are having problem with. This is supposed to be the main reason why it may take an additional time for you. The full guide on a subject is given in my article.

As long as you succeed to follow all the instructions there is no need to obtain a physical access to the target device anymore. Just read my article about the spyware work principles so that you could get further information. For now it is almost over as the software has already penetrated the device defense protocols and you should just wait until the app starts reporting, which sometimes takes up to half-an-hour.
In order to be sure the program performs properly test it. Send couple of messages, make a couple of calls, try to perform some action within your dashboard (available option if you decided to choose an advanced package usually).

Using the Online Monitoring Dashboard

Now enter the dashboard and wait for the logs being retrieved. Consider that StealthGenie calls a dashboard “My Genie”.
There could be some differences in dashboard performance depending on spyware’s specialization. Generally, you get an access to all the content stored on a phone and a GPS tracking in order to define the target device’s location. There is even a call recording option for several applications stated.
If you want to have a good practice, try a service Trial/Demo version. Most of them provide one of those, although service features are limited.
After gaining an access to the dashboard you get a full control over the target device. You can even remove the software and contacts remotely. However, use it wisely if you want your activity to remain hidden.
A Dashboard is a section where you can set billing options and connect manufacturer’s support which is usually provided via live chat and supported 24/7.
Consider, that this instruction given cannot contain all of the programs’ installation peculiarities. It is an overall guide and I strongly recommend you to get an additional information from manufacturers’ guides.