How to Monitor WhatsApp Messages Using Spy Software

I will provide you with a full explanation on a given subject in this article. Firstly, I am going to tell you some hints on WhatsApp messenger features and afterwards you will be given a full list of spy software offering app’s chat monitoring. At last, you should know that not all phones are supported by the mentioned in article software.

WhatsApp Messenger Explained

This a cross platform application supporting all existing operating systems and devices. An app needs to be installed before use. The unlimited text messaging is provided when the device is connected to Wi-Fi between the WhatsApp users.

The Problem?

If you have enforced the device monitoring eaFree-cell-phone-tracker1rlier, you should know that WhatsApp has become an unsolved issue for you. Spy software was designed to monitor SMS text messages, and now with WhatsApp on a stage it became kind of useless. The reason is that WhatsApp messages are sent and received using different protocols.
So now the parents are losing control over their chilren’s communication and employers are not able to enforce a monitoring over the employees’ social activity during the working hours.
However, spy software manufacturers managed to overwhelm the WhatsApp protection and some of them released rather effective solutions. Others, meantime, failed to succeed.

What You Need

So the target device has a WhatsApp installed. Let’s read a list of requirements it should meet in order to be monitored. Firstly, it should be an Android or iOS device. Secondly, it should be rooted (jailbroken if iPhone).
Unfortunately, Symbian or BlackBerry devices cannot be monitored.
So, if the target device meets the given above requirements we can move forward.

Spy Software Supporting WhatsApp Monitoring

Usually, the software able to monitor the WhatsApp activity can alsohack-whatsapp-messages1 provide a full information on other messengers’ or social network apps’ activity installed on a device. Here is the list of software you can use:
Mobile Spy – provides monitoring, but is no longer hidden
mSpy – is hidden and covers Facebook, Viber, Skype etc.
Flexispy – monitors all given above and even a BBerry Messenger
Follow the links above to read a full review on enlisted spyware.
I provided a proper performance test for these applications, that’s why I can recommend them. In order to make an optimal choice read my comparison review. All of them are providing a high-quality online monitoring service, however, there are differences between them meaningful enough to get informed about, so choose wisely.
That’s how you can monitor WhatsApp Messenger!

There are some related subjects I mentioned, for example, on Skype and Viber chat scanning. So if you want to be aware about all the options you have, meet my full review on a phone spyware.
Be proactive – do not ignore new technologies in order to be able to enforce control at any time.