How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work?

This article is a brief description specified to disclose some hints on spy applications performance. It was written to give you an explanation on spyware work principles, so that you could solve any problems arising during the process on your own.
There are no technical terminology included in this article, just an overall review.
Usually, spy monitoring toolware solutions share the main features and principles of work. There maybe some not meaningful differences which do not have a serious impact on user’s choice.

The Overall View

In the beginning you should define the best software package. It Cellphone-Spy-Software1
should possess all the necessary features and be
fully compatible with the target phone/tablet.
Then you make a payment and download the program. Frankly, on the manufacturer’s site it is usually given a full instruction on an installation process. Usually there is pointed out you need to get administrator rights, which means to root/jailbreak the monitored device and install properly the hidden monitoring tool.
Sometimes you face a password lock. Read an article given here to find the successful way to get an access to the locked cell phone.
Afterwards you should provide a proper software configuration. If all of the steps are completed, you will start getting call/message logs, display screenshots etc. to your dashboard or control panel. The type of data you get and the type of reporting enforced depends on software and package you purchased.
After data being retrieved from the target device it is being sent to the spyware provider’s server. After processing you get this data on your dashboard/control panel. Al the process takes seconds, that’s why monitoring demands a stable Internet connection.
An access to the spyware web service dashboard/control panel is given after the purchase/registration process. Particularly, you get a login and password. Here is an example of the current StealthGenie dashboard.

You are the only person having a guaranteed access to the dashboard. All the data given there is protected by the web service provider. Everything you must have to get a full access to the log history of the target user is a stable Internet connection.

The Online Dashboard and Control Panel

This section provides you with a full info on a target device and is fully customizable. It depends on a service manufacturer, but usually you can set up notification settings, change your login data, download logs. The thing is you gain full control over the area till the term contract is being enforced and you do not need to get an access to monitored person’s device anymore.
You also get an expanded administrator rights if purchasing advanced packages. You may download and browse any kind of media content present on the phone, you may even perform the actions you want. This is also the only section where you customize the payment issues like prolongation of a term contract or change of the tariff plan.
Of course, there could be said more about the work principles of the spyware on a manufacturer’s side. However, as you are an end user it is not something you really need to know. Just make sure the spyware manufacturer corresponds to compatibility requirements and that you do have a stable Internet connection.


The operating systems being supported by the spyware are always enlisted on the manufacturer’s website. There are also always pointed out the requirements, you should complete before installing an app. Usually Android devices cannot bu monitored until rooted and iOS devices should be properly jailbroken. There is a list of articles you should read in order to get more information on relevant subjects.

Internet Access

I should mention that usually spyware is an online monitoring tool. It means that both the target phone and your device should be connected to the Internet in order to enforce immediate notifications delivery. Otherwise, you won’t get informed about one’s activity immediately.

So in order to provide smooth performance, consider the Internet connection issues, check the compatibility and follow the spyware installation guide.
Now read the full guide to get advanced tips.