Highster Mobile Review

highster review
Highster Mobile is a spy software designed to provide a proper call recording, text messaging monitoring, etc. It is meant to be hidden and is supposed to be a lifetime license purchase. However, there are some limitations and it seems to be that manufacturer is not concerned so much about the web site appearance.

Data Retrieval

Highster Mobile offers almost the whole standard range of services – from call recording to monitoring of activity in social network apps. It is really easy to install and the data monitored is screened in one’s online panel control.

GPS tracking

The application is synchronized with Google Maps and offers you to track one’s movements all across the world.

Parental control

Parental control is only enforced at the stage of remote application removal. You cannot block incoming calls, an app or even a website. So no matter what package you purchase, you get only limited features.

buy-spy-now24/7 Help

Is not 24/7 and is available mainly via phone – no live chat is offered. It is strange as at least the live chat is something the reputable company should have on its website.

Pricing issues

It is a lifetime license due to the product website. The full package with remote Jailbreak consultation costs $129.97, which seems rather suspicious. Consider that such a software should be updated instantly as the phone developers update the defense.


A lifetime license, which can be downloaded and setup on different computers multiple times. Almost all the standard monitoring features included.

highster spy reviewDisadvantages

Some of the features are though absent. The parental control features of this program are limited, which is not disclosed in the description. Though the price is low, you may notice that Highster Mobile manufacturer has rather poor website which is short of data on updates.


You can find out whether the target phone is compatible on the support’s hotline. Actually, the application usually supports only Android and iOS devices, however, I can’t see where the latest supported version is pointed out.

My Verdict

I am sure that this solution will be in good use for those having low demands to spy software. It is a good solution to monitor an activity if the target phone is a bit outdated, so that you would be sure the OS version is supported by an application.