FlexiSpy Review

flexispy review

FlexiSpy is developed to monitor user’s communication activity. It is a brand spy software being installed on one’s device (smartphone or tablet). In this review I am going to describe its features, analyze the application performance and give some useful hints.

How it works

In order to provide monitoring Flexispy should be installed on a target device. However, the device should be Rooted if it is an Android based or Jailbroken if it is an Apple device. It is also stated that the application can provide BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian phones monitoring.  After being installed it retrieves an activity data and sends it to the software manufacturer’s servers. Afterwards it is being screened on your dashboard. You can find out more on Flexispy’s performance on the manufacturer’s web site (http://www.flexispy.com/en/moviecentral.htm).


Useful Monitoring Features

You get monitoring data screened in your online dashboard. It depends on the package you purchase the number of data monitoring features you will get access to. Here I am going to enumerate all of them.

  1. Call recording features

You are able to get records of one’s calls, which means you get a full information on a given conversation. It is rather valuable feature pulling the monitoring performance to a higher level. You also get call logs and can listen/record phone surroundings. Such an option offers you a full control over one’s activity. However, it has a great impact on user’s battery life and can only be used if the phone is connected to Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network. Although 3G/4G networks provide unstable and very weak connection, so this feature remains useless. Moreover, you may have issues with legislation using this feature – the reason why mSpy and Mobile Spy withdrawn this option and StealthGenie CEO was condemned.

  1. Messages incoming/sent monitoring

SMS texting is still popular and you will get messages’ content incoming/sent to/from the user’s device. The content monitored also includes MMS messages, so you gain even a media content. However, the share of SMS is decreasing throughout the years in messaging traffic, so you may be more interested in monitoring  IM Chats activities.

  1. IM Chats monitoring

You will get an access to user’s activity on the most popular application chats developed. Viber, Skype, Facebook – all of them could be monitored. However, the application is still not supporting Tinder activity monitoring, although it is rather old and popular.

  1. Retrieving passwords

This option gives you an access to all passwords saved on a user’s browser/device. This will grant you an access to services not supported by application.  You also may get one’s credit card information.

  1. GPS Tracking

The tracking data is screened in your dashboard and being updated instantly depending on the settings you have chosen. It is one of the most valuable features needed to enforce parental control.

  1. Remote control/data monitoring

You get remote administrator rights for browsing any application, contact information and media content present on a device. You also can restart the phone, install or remove the application from the phone. In order to enforce advanced monitoring you instantly get phone’s display screenshots.


Blocking applications/ incoming calls

Unfortunately, you cannot block applications – only remove them. This means you cannot provide hidden control on applications’ usage, as the user will notice it if you delete an application. You also cannot block incoming calls, the feature enabled in other spy applications.

The online dashboard

Online dashboard is a hidden section designed by a software manufacturer in order to provide you with a controlling/monitoring tool after the application being installed on target user’s device.  It was updated on December 2016. Updates included design changes and influenced the performance speed of the tool. You can customize the dashboard in order to provide a convenient notification period/system. You also can set up your billing options or enforce changes to your subscription plan.

FlexiSpy Review

Application Compatibility

The application supports iOS devices up to 9.1 version and the latest Android tools. However, it lacks an ability to provide monitoring to the latest BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian devices. In order to get the full information on software’s compatibility check the manufacturer’s web site (http://www.flexispy.com/en/spyphone-compatibility.htm). I should mention that there are some limitations for iPad monitoring, so you should purchase a specific package for it.

Pricing and Packages

There are two packages being offered by Flexispy manufacturer. The basic one includes most of necessary features, however the price is too high when comparing to other manufacturer’s prices. The Extreme Package includes call and area surrounding recording feature, which is the only reason Flexispy could be supposed unique. However, it is the most expensive package ever released. It is available minimum 3 months subscription purchase for $199, while the basic version starts from $68 per month. It is up to define whether the given application’s price is reasonable.

Demo online

There is no Trial version available, although you can enter a Demo area in order to check the dashboard section. It will give you an understanding on how the data is being received. The demo version is not eligible for your target user monitoring, it is designed to present system’s capabilities. However, it would be appropriate if Flexispy would provide a proper Trial period for an application even with limited features.

Flexispy Know-How

It is a call recording option. Well, I know this feature was developed and successfully enforced by other services, but most of the reputable ones withdrawn this feature to avoid any law issues. However, Flexispy manufacturer still provides it. Although, the soft manufacturer’s made sure the installation process would as easy as possible by providing a proper installation wizard. However, I do not think that there is a need of it as Jailbreaking/Rooting and app installation seems rather easy for me, although I am not a technical specialist. However, if you’ve got any problems with Rooting/Jailbreaking you are free to purchase an installation remote consultation service, which implies connecting the support.

flexispy review

Flexispy Support

Is supposed to be 24/7, although I didn’t check it. The only 2 ways to contact them are via the web site’s live chat or telephone number screened on a homepage. Actually, you may need support’s help only if you will have problems with app installation or in case you would like to get a money back. I have some doubts on money back policy as I have never checked. So, it is up to you to decide whether it is clear and fair.

Application disadvantages

There is no specified information on the application’s impact on cell phone’s battery life. However, I am sure it is huge, if you activate a surrounding record feature. I am also concerned about the price policy Flexispy has. The application is one of the most expensive ones, and I am not sure the price is well-grounded. There is still no proper BlackBerry (just up to 7.1) and Nokia Symbian support, which means those of you from the UK are likely to choose another manufacturer.

My opinion

Flexispy is surely not a scam. It is reliable enough for you to be sure you’ll get a well-performing spyware. However, after writing this Flexispy review I made a conclusion that it may seem overpriced and kind of unready due to iPad performance being unstable.