Appmia Review

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The Good: Works great with iOS devices. Comprehensive online customer support. One-time payment gives you a lifetime of free updates.

The Bad: No unique features. Limited options with the Basic package. Jailbreak or rooting of the device is required.

The Bottom Line: Appmia is an excellent choice for users who are not looking for any state-of-the art-functionality and simply want a reliable tracking tool that is compatible with many devices.

Reporting and logging features

If you’ve come to this Appmia review looking for the range of features this software can do for you, you will be happy to know that at the moment Appmia offers one of the most complete selections of tracking features out of all dozens of spying apps we’ve tried and reviewed. All of the features can be found on Appmia’s website (, where you can also learn more about the pricing and other characteristics of the app. Here is what you can do with the help of Appmia:

  • Listen to calls and surroundings: you can go undetected and gain access to both phone calls and surroundings of the device. You can set up a time for Appmia to start recording the data, which you can then access from your personal dashboard.
  • Text messages: read messages sent and received from the device at any time.
  • Messaging apps: monitor the activity inside the most popular chatting apps, including Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook to make sure the communication on the target device is completely safe and legal.
  • Web activity: find out which websites have been visited on the target device in any of the browsers and which pages have been bookmarked.
  • Emails: read inbox and sent emails through any of the most popular email servers.
  • Media files: take a look at the music, photos and videos stored on the device. You can even delete certain media files from the device.
  • Other features: you can use a keylogger to track the typing activity of the device. Access the calendar and memos to get a broader picture of the target device’s activity. Learn which apps have been installed recently.appmia_review

GPS tracking

One of the most popular features all spy app users are looking for, and the one we couldn’t ignore in our Appmia review, is the GPS monitoring feature. Appmia will let you remotely establish the location of the target device, which can be done live. You can also get updates on the whereabouts of the device. One more essential Appmia feature is the list of locations for a given period of time, which you can access through the history.

Device control capabilities

With Appmia you get more than just monitoring and tracking capabilities – in fact, you can easily control the target device. Access the phone to block or delete any unwanted activity or the one you believe to be unfit for the targeted user, including web pages, applications, and even incoming calls from certain numbers.


If you’ve come to our Appmia review to find out how convenient the Appmia dashboard is, we can tell you that it’s not only very easy to use, but also gives you a complete picture of what’s happening to the target device. Create your account with Appmia and start monitoring the data using your PC, smartphone or tablet – it couldn’t be easier!


In case you’re new to tracking software, having a reliable customer support is a big advantage of any monitoring service. Luckily, Appmia’s customer support doesn’t disappoint. You can get help anytime you need it, 24/7, and in any way you like – live chat or phone. Get all of your questions answered at!


Unfortunately, Appmia doesn’t offer a free or trial period for you to test out the software before buying. However, you can find a demo version on that will give you an idea of how the app works. There are three pricing models: Basic, Premium, and Extreme. The first two work on a monthly payment model, and Extreme package is sold with a lifetime license and free updates, so if you’re planning to use the software for a long time, Extreme seems like the best option in terms of value.


Device compatibility

Appmia offers support for nearly every version of iOS and Android released to date, although, to be absolutely sure your target device is supported, you need to find out the OS version or model of the device and check it on, which will tell you whether Appmia will work on the target phone.


As you can see from our Appmia review, we truly believe that Appmia is one of the best offers in the tracking software market. Most users will be completely satisfied with the range of features offered by Appmia, which include call recording, text messages, GPS tracking, and virtually any other feature you can think about. The only possible downside of Appmia is that you need to have immediate physical access to the device, as well as jailbreak or root the target phone, but with a little effort you can finally use the desired features. Thanks to the diverse pricing you can access the functionality without wasting a fortune on the software. In general, we highly recommend Appmia to a wide variety of users, especially beginners.