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Brendan Ormsby aka Kappa is sure to end up on the federal government's no-fly list. Bush speeches to a nation at war.

The casual passerby may have mistakenly concluded that Ormsby was stumping for the commander-in-chief, Looking to practice my Paxico banging those who listened more closely discovered a far darker tone. What rpactice started as a simple cut-and-paste satire, soon took on a life of its own as Ormsby realized that, "the things [Bush] says and the things you can make him say are strangely similar. Even the real Slim Shady, Eminem, would get in on the action.

The rap star's management reportedly signed a deal to open Eminem's October concert billed as the Shady National Convention with Ormsby's "presidential address.

He went on to study jazz in college with drum guru, Ed Soph, but was disillusioned by the long hours ,y a cramped practice room. His desire to make music outside of the cubicle led him to earn Looking to practice my Paxico banging degree in music therapy. For the past four years Ormsby has worked on the acute child and adolescent psychiatric ward of a South Bronx hospital where he uses music to help jy connect with their feelings—and with each other.

By inviting them to participate in drum circles, he hopes they will feel a sense of community. He has helped several kids compose their own Loking, where they often deal openly with such intense issues as abuse and abandonment. But the music doesn't stop when he leaves the hospital.

Ormsby has created a studio in his apartment where he indulges on his own form of music therapy. His piece on the CD is an arrangement of sound samples from ordinary objects in his home: Ormsby is fascinated by the concept of recycling sound.

Ormsby's latest project takes recycling to new heights.

He recently recovered a hundred old vinyl records, cut them into pieces and then jumbled them together in a bag. Now he is randomly gluing them Looking to practice my Paxico banging together and recording the reconfigured tracks to create a sort of post-consumer sound track. Much of Brendan Ormsby's music is focused on creating new meaning from what surrounds him.

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And while it might be tempting to engage in armchair psychoanalysis, he prefers to let his listeners find their own meaning in the work, like a sort practiice audio Rorschach.

George W.

Remixed "No Comprendo" excerpt Click here and press the play button to listen.