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How ToSpy On My Wife's iPhone

How To Spy On My Wife’s iPhone – Guide to check on your wife phone

by Daniel Moore

It’s no secret that trust is the foundation of every marriage, but it’s not always enough. Sometimes we may feel our partners are not the same person we fell in love with.

It might be because of their behavior or overall body language. Some husbands may confront their wives directly which can lead to a lot of conflicts if the wife wasn’t lying in the first place, and other times the husband might look for other alternatives to dig out the truth. 

So how do I spy on my wife’s iPhone? Read on to find out.

How To Spy On My Wife’s iPhone

Even though it’s not recommended, spying on your wife’s iPhone can relieve some amount of stress. In order to spy on your wife’s iPhone, you would have to perform certain tasks before-hand. Based on my experience, there are 2 different ways you can spy on your wife’s iPhone.

Even though online forums and other sites might suggest otherwise, based on our research we have found that the below two methods, in particular, are the most user-friendly and straightforward.

We can assure you that all these methods will give you the desired results.

The two best ways are:

  1. Spy for free with Apple ID
  2. Use iPhone Spy App

Method #1 — Spy for Free with Apple ID

How To Spy On My Wife's iPhone


  • Your wife’s iCloud access credentials
  • Access to your wife’s iPhone (along with the Internet access)

This is one of the easiest methods of the two to spy on your wife. In a nutshell, all you’re doing is using the wife’s Apple ID, to gain access to their iPhone’s backup registry (which contains iMessage conversations, emails, shared photos, Internet history, and GPS locations).

  • The first step is to obtain the Apple ID (or iCloud) information for the iPhone you want to monitor.
  • After that, go to iCloud.com or your iOS device’s Settings and log in with that Apple ID and password. This choice allows you to sync emails, texts, images, Contacts, and other data with your Apple ID.
  • If you want to spy on messages, go to Settings > Messages > iMessage and turn it on. You’ll need to reenter the password and Apple ID of the target device after you’ve activated iMessage.
  • Once you have completed the above steps, you should then sign in and wait for the device to log into their account. Once done you will be able to see all the activities of your wife including messages from iMessage, locations, email activity, and photos.

Note: There are occasions when the iPhone’s iCloud backup is not turned on. In this situation, you’ll need to physically access the targeted iPhone, go into its settings, and switch on iCloud backup manually using the following steps: iCloud > iCloud Backup > Settings > iPhone Owner’s Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup. This automatically backs up your wife’s iPhone every day when connected to power, locked, and on Wi-Fi.

Free to UseYou need to have physical access to your wife’s iPhone
Spy on iPhone without installing softwareYou cannot view any social media conversations, just texts from iMessage.
You cannot monitor in real-time (the device needs to sync the data to the iCloud).

Method #2 — Use an iPhone Spy App

How To Spy On My Wife's iPhone

In the olden days, a husband usually hired private detectives to keep tabs on their wife, but thanks to modern technology, all we need is access to that one thing which she always has with her.

Yes, I am talking about the smartphone. These smartphones have become part of our everyday life. All our tiny memories, conversations, emails, and music is encompassed on this tiny device. It holds all our secrets and emotions.

Most husbands secretly search the internet for spy apps to spy on their wives. There may be a variety of explanations for this. You may suspect your wife of cheating on you and want to investigate further by spying on her phone.

In the other case, you might be certain that your wife is cheating on you. As a result, spy apps will assist you in gathering evidence and confronting your partner.

So what are these spy apps? As the name suggests,  Spy apps are specially designed applications used for tracking or monitoring a person’s activity.

These apps allow you to keep track of incoming and outgoing phone calls, SMS messages, and location. The end-user is unaware of these apps because they are concealed and undetectable. GPS positions, browser behavior, and messages from apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat are all tracked by this application.

Browsing through the Internet you may find numerous apps for your device. You may even get confused reading all the reviews to understand which is best suitable for you.

Lucky for you, we have already done our homework and found that the below app is the best spy app for iPhone.

How to Install mSpy on my wife’s iPhone?

How To Spy On My Wife's iPhone


  • Access to your wife’s device or knowledge of their login information to install the spy app remotely
  • You need to purchase a spy app
  • The iPhone needs to be connected to the internet for installation

It’s simple to set up mSpy on an iOS device. This is due to the fact that mSpy does not require manual installation on a target iPhone. You’ll need the target device’s iCloud credentials to get started with the mSpy no-jailbreak solution.

To begin, turn on the iCloud backup on your wife’s iPhone. Then, click here and purchase the mSpy no-jailbreak kit. You will receive a welcome email with additional guidance once your order has been verified.

It’s important to keep in mind that mSpy can take up to 24 hours to download data from a target device to your mSpy Control Panel (During our testing it took around 5 hours on my iPhone and around 3.5 hours on my friends iPhone).

Using mSpy to spy on my wife’s iPhone

How To Spy On My Wife's iPhone

mSpy is spy software that allows you to remotely monitor your wife’s online behavior. mSpy, which is available for Android and iOS, gives you a perfect picture of your wife’s device usage. We had used this phone during our testing phase and we were quite impressed with the results.

The pricing is quite affordable and justified for the number of features the software provided.

The basic features include the ability to monitor your wife’s GPS position, call logs, and text messages directly from your phone. The mSpy Control Panel is where all the data obtained from a target device is processed.

The mSpy spy app has a number of features that allow you to keep track of the following activities:

  • Browsing History: Track visited websites on your wife’s iPhone including URL data and time-stamps.
  • Contacts: View all stored contacts on the iPhone and even access personal information about each contact.
  • SMS/MMS: Read sent and received SMS and MMS in iMessages and other SMS applications.
  • Call Logs: View the list of incoming/outgoing calls made from the iPhone.
  • Calendar: View calendar events, activities, and notes in the calendar.
  • Images/videos: see what your wife has been up to by looking through their gallery of photos and videos.
  • GPS location: monitor your wife’s whereabouts, view route history and see their time stamps.
  • Social Media: Track all data from social media apps.

Before you install mSpy, keep in mind that the features you get are dependent on your subscription.

Some features, such as email and Instagram message tracking, are only available in the Premium bundle and may necessitate jailbreaking the target device.

What You Should Know Before You Install mSpy on an iPhone

  1. Is the software compatible with all iPhones?
    Yes, it is compatible with all iPhones, if even Apple releases a new update for iOS mSpy releases a new version for its software after few weeks. I have personally tested this on my iPhone 11 and my friend’s iPhone 7 (No he doesn’t have any clue).
  1. Is this app undetectable?
    mSpy runs in the background after installation. The user of an iPhone would never be aware that this app is installed on their device. (It’s day 15 and my friend hasn’t realized that mSpy is running on his device)
  2. Do I have to jailbreak to use mSpy?
    The mSpy app is one of the few spy apps for your smartphone that does not require you to jailbreak it. On an iPhone, you can install one of two versions of mSpy: one that allows you to spy on a specific collection of details, such as GPS and Contacts, and the other that allows you to spy on iMessage and SMS. The other, which involves jailbreaking, allows you to see a wider range of content, including discussions on social media apps.
  3. Can I spy on an iPhone using mSpy without touching it?
    It is possible with the non-jailbreak version of the software. However, you’ll need to remember your iCloud login credentials. This too becomes impossible if two-factor authentication is allowed. In case such a situation arises then you’ll need to physically enter the computer to confirm the popup and give mSpy permission to connect to it.
Spy remotely on an iPhoneYou must pay a small monthly fee (you can opt-out anytime without penalty)
Get access to social media conversations, even though they were erased last month.You must have your victim’s smartphone in hand if they enable two-factor authentication
No risk of being caught
Know where your partner is and find out when they are lying

5 Online Tips to Catch a Cheater

Here are a few of the tips that you should employ if you want to catch your wife cheating on you:

  1. Search History
    A person’s search history will reveal a lot about what they’re hiding. You can discover what your wife has searched on the internet using the keylogger feature included in the phone spy app we have listed. This includes searches conducted on social media sites and elsewhere.
    As a result, you’ll be able to tell whether your partner has been receiving presents for someone else behind your back. You will also see whether they check for a specific person’s social media profile on Facebook, Instagram, or some other site regularly. These are the signs of a liar.
  1. Caller Identity
    If your partner is cheating on you, they will change the name of the person with whom they are constantly chatting/talking on their phone. As a result, if you suspect unusual entries in their call logs, run the number through an online reverse phone lookup service like True caller.
  1. Track their Location
    Your companion will always lie to you about where you are if they are cheating on you. If you have any doubts about their behavior, you should search their live locations. From time to time, you can also monitor their recent positions by phone number. All of these things are possible with the phone spy app listed above.
  2. Behavioral Changes
    People who cheat are often consumed by remorse and act in unusual ways. If your partner is cheating on you, for example, they might seem to be nicer than normal. As a result, if you see changes in your partner’s behavior, it may be a red flag. To learn more about it, you can gain access to their phone.
  3. Unusual Meetings
    Something is wrong if your partner has begun a new routine, such as going to bed at odd hours or receiving late-night phone calls about work. You should investigate further to see if they are telling the facts.


Learning how to spy on your wife’s iPhone will help you determine whether they are concealing anything from you. Spying on others, on the other hand, has both benefits and drawbacks. Breaking into the device involves violating other people’s privacy, which may adversely affect the partnership.

It also implies a lack of trust. A different approach, such as an intimate conversation, would be preferable to spying on the phone. You and your partner may also do things together to strengthen your relationship.

Finally, spying on an iPhone device is easy. As previously said, you can accomplish this in a variety of ways. Breaking into someone’s device, on the other hand, is unjustified because it violates their privacy.

Make sure you know the risks before taking such steps.

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