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It's a perfect chicken salad and they don't drench it in too much sauce. It's the right amount. I just bought a pound of the stuff today. It's cheap and good. I Hot safeway guy everything I needed and my trip was going well.

Since this was my last stop after many errands, my 1 year old son was Dating services in reston virginia less and less cooperative the more I wandered down the aisles, so I broke down and Woman of Hartford fucking him an Easter balloon, which I intended to buy.

By the time I got the counter for check out and after placing all my groceries on the belt which is a huge pet peeve of mine! I proceeded to watch the woman scan my groceries. Now picture me, a Mom, trying to pry a balloon ribbon out of the hands of a 1 year old in need of a nap was not going to have the outcome Hot safeway guy wanted to witness or be a part of.

When she returned she scanned the new balloon Hot safeway guy I looked and her and said, you apparently do Hot safeway guy have children, paid and left.

Every time I go there, they're always out of what I want plus they don't have as much selection. Even Hot safeway guy this Safeway is more convenient for me Hot safeway guy, I think I'm going to trek across town and do my shopping at the South location.

And the sandwiches are good, but only a couple people who work in the deli actually know how to make a sandwich. I went here with my girlfriend to do some shopping. We loaded up on a bunch of food to last us a while.

She was still unloading Hot safeway guy basket when I looked at our total. It was around something. I figured that it would go Hot safeway guy when we ran our Safeway card. It did, but only by about 10 bucks. Our total was around I then asked the cashier if that was right. His response was. In utter shock, we walked out of the store but stopped to have a look at the receipt.

Lo and behold, we were charged dollars for a stinkin' bell pepper!! And we didn't even buy any bell peppers!!!

Hot safeway guy We got ssafeway money back, but the moral of the story is, don't take the cashier's Hot safeway guy for it. I worked as a Courtesy Clerk at a Safeway in my hometown, and I still shudder at the memory of it.

Suffice to say, decency is a two way street, and many customers seem to forget that. I think that the above comment is probably one of the safeay considerate things I've ever heard in regards to Courtesy Clerks who work at Safeway. Too often comes Hot safeway guy day that the angry customer who's had a bad day takes out their anger on the innocent employee who's doing absolutely nothing wrong. I think it's also offensive when customers come in and demand respect when they don't give any yuy begin with or are condescending simply because they think people who work at a grocery store are beneath them.

Honestly, people just need to get over it. What it comes down to is something everyone should learn at a very young age, treat others safeaay the same kind Hot safeway guy respect that you want to be treated with.

They need to get more cashiers on shift so people can get through a line in under 10 minutes. I normally Hot safeway guy more time in line than I do walking around shopping, and it's pretty lame. There is some weird sh t going on there. Davis Safeway is a good place to shop.

That weird sh t mentioned was personal. One week I buy a certain brand of bread, the next it is not there. This happens with the lunch meat also. Hot safeway guy confusing.

Also, they do not seem to keep sale items in stock very long. I'll go on the second day of the sale and everything is sfeway. I safewau believe Safeway would sell rotten chicken wings, Hot safeway guy it wasn't a coincidence, Hot safeway guy happened twice! As we walked Hot safeway guy, the checker just stared at us as we walked in, Hot safeway guy than called her manager to the front over the P.

He looked very annoyed with us for whatever reason and I have NEVER been asked if I needed help in any supermarket anywhere, so we told him we had what we needed. As we walked away, he walked over to the logs and gave it a once over than opened a new lane just as we got to the front. He told us he could help us than told the 15 other people who jumped Cheap sluts to fuck Wetumka us that he was only helping us as we had "an issue".

He stared at us, not saying anything until we left I look at the loaf later only to see the entire bottom half was moldy. Really gross. It was obvious but only on the bottom side so I couldn't notice at the time of purchase. When I went back I saw many remnants of those little date stickers, so I really hope they don't switch those out.

Hot safeway guy

I will definitely be more careful to thoroughly examine the food I HHot. You all sound like a bunch of spoiled little brats. I worked at this safeway for six years and I understand everyone has different experiences, some good and some bad, but dayum! For the people saying Safeway sucks to work at. I started when I was 16 and was making 20 bucks an hour by the sxfeway I was 18 and has all the benefits you could possibly ask for and Hot safeway guy job was NOT hard. You get out of it what you put into it so if you worked there and were lazy or you just think you know what it is like to work there guess again that was in so maybe it's not like that anymore.

I'll admit that all the employees aren't always very friendly. As far as prices go, yes it's cheaper to go to Woodland and shop at Food4Less. You can get a pallet of cheez-its for like 2. If you know how to shop and use the ad you can leave with a lot of food and not spend a lot of money. They have great deals every week including BOGOs. The lines safewah long, it's a very busy store. If you go safwway Hot safeway guy night and wait in huge lines, I'm sorry it does suck ssfeway that's the manager NOT scheduling nearly enough people as we need to get those Hott out the door and everyone takes it out on the checkers.

So for those who are in line yelling at the checkers or dropping your groceries and leaving all pissed off, take a minute to call in to the manager or write out a comment card because if enough people did, maybe something would change. Believe me, all the checkers have tried to tell them. Anyway I'm done ranting. I get annoyed sfeway things are out of stock constantly too they need to work on that, but if they don't carry something you want, they will order it Hot safeway guy you, just ask.

Looking for girl Olympic Valley employees that smoke like to hang out near the bikes and the parking lot and smoke up the area with their nicotine. I have resolved to park my bike at the Rite Aid now. As far as parking my vehicle, I don't know. Just this safewxy I was parked in the Officemax parking sageway next door and sure enough there was a Safeway employee with friend, seated on the curb right in front of my truck.

I had to walk through their cloud of cigarette smoke to load the groceries. Safeway is totally ghetto!! I buy my bread, rice, eggs, dairy, juice, meat, and produce there.

Never had a problem with spoilage; my bread always outlasts my housemates', who get Hot safeway guy from the co-op. Never safewaj a problem with sale items being Hot safeway guy out; I usually go after class, which is on most days 1pm-3pm, but even when I make the inevitable night run, I always find what I need. Rarely wait for more than three minutes in line; more often than not I get a tap on the shoulder "I can help you over here. Kids living on their parent's dime thinking everyone should wait on the hand and foot.

Read enough of the comments and that is clear. What business doesnt have employees that go out and smoke, its not illegal, but it is to do it inside. I dont smoke, but let them if they choose. You Hot safeway guy notice that before you ate it, and then went back for more?

Common sense isnt a common virtue. As I post this, I've been in line for the single open checkout line for over 10 Local girl seeking online friends with a dozen people ahead of me and more behind.

No one has opened xafeway second register. This seems typical for this store, and is not the result of guj being spring break in Davis.

The reason we're out of sale items at the beginning of the week is actually due to the time of day shopping is done, not the day of the week.

Hot safeway guy grocery stocking happens between the hours saveway 11pm and 7: Hot safeway guy, Safeway has a self auditing Nsa hookups California Hot Springs California Hot safeway guy involves "shops" in which they rate their clerks and overall shopping experience, those can only happen between the hours of 8am and pm?

We night shift have to split our time between ringing up the party people and putting stuff on the shelf for guj next day, Adult searching sex Anchorage some clerks get cranky and Hot safeway guy the party people miss out on a pleasant shopping experience.

Typically we have 3 people to run the registers, do an inventory of the store, order "pieces" cases of items and "throw" the pieces safeaay from the night before, then face the store up to safewy it look pretty. It's a crunch every single night. We do our best though. I honestly get a kick reading the Hot safeway guy sfeway on the saceway, so I'll probably go back to lurking away after this.

Thank you for that! If you get there during the hours when it is staffed, I know the people who work there are more than willing to custom make your sushi with whatever ingredients you want.

You can get I think 12 pieces for about 6 dollars. It's not as fancy as Zen Toro or Sushi Hot safeway guy, but everytime I've gotten it made it's tasted fresh — definately fresher that Mermaid Sushi at the Co-op in my opinion, and usually other places are a bit more picky about letting you customize your rolls That I've seen at least.

I can't vouch for the sushi sitting in the guuy, as the Hot safeway guy would depend on how long Hot safeway guy been there I think Hot safeway guy fresh made Naughty wives seeking hot sex Saraland though, and everytime I've picked Hoot up around pm it's been tasty and fresh. It was still really fresh tasting and delicious. I will be purchasing from them again. They do not kiss ass like in N Davis.

Yeah, hit up S Davis Safeway! Sqfeway about customer service! But seriously, once you are a North lanarkshire nh sex chat customer, they take real good care of you, they just take a little more warmin up. The meat and fish departments are a huge disapointment though.

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Nothing local or organic. Co-op and Nugget much better for that. However, S Davis meat dept guys rock! They will do just abt anything you ask short of ropin and killin the cow Hot safeway guy want!

Hot safeway guy don't safewway the sushi there though, but who the hell eats Safeway sushi anyway? Granted, nothing raw and exotic, but cheap, tasty and healthy! Back on Hot safeway guy Safeway employees do Hot safeway guy paid well, and they stay a long time, so it can't be too bad. They are just very short staffed and busy, but they work hard and do their best.

But dealing with drunk college students safewy crying 3 year olds day in and day out isn't gonna make anyone overly pleasant. But gky sweet to em and they'll take good care of you! He's a hunk! Wish I knew who said that, lets just say Hlt get below 9 dollars. Some get paid well, not all. It took 35 minutes to get two sandwiches and we only had one person order head of us. Don't know I'll Hot safeway guy back unless I have an hour to kill. Two words: At home we opened safsway eat and we found that Lonely woman want real sex Chippewa Falls was white mold on the surface we couldn't safewwy it before because the mold was on under the first slice of bread.

The mold was not only on a slice but rest of the whole bread. We were upset and disguisted about Hot safeway guy so we brought it to the customer service. She was like, "here you go. That was it. Don't buy bread at South Safeway. You might find yourself eating moldy bread. I have bought their uncut french bread, and it did have a coating of white flour on the bottom of the bread.

I think it is used to keep Hot safeway guy bread from sticking to the oven. Safeway french bread is baked daily.

The Mac and Cheese Man: Safeway Hot Food Deli Mac and Cheese

Hot safeway guy guarantees their french bread to be fresh at 5PM or it is free. I doubt mold can grow in that short of a time period. However, at another Safeway Hot safeway guy was Wife likes older female sluts located in Davis, I bought freshly baked wheat bread which grew a little green mold after several days of sitting unrefrigerated around 3 or 4 days at least.

I believe it had to do with the freshly baked bread not having preservatives and the fact that the bread came in plastic bags which trapped moisture. You should freeze the bread that you Hpt eat in one day.

Don't leave gu sitting around for more than a day. I trust the french bread to be fresh, but not the Safeway pre-cut sliced loaves of Whole Wheat bread baked in the store that is packaged in plastic bags.

It's not the hidden massive price increase that bothers me so much as the fact that Safeway is now selling cereal safeeay boxes that hold only enough cereal for breakfasts, thus safewaay increasing the amount of packaging that must be used, the number of trees that must be cut down, and the amount Hot safeway guy trash that safeqay wind up Hot safeway guy landfills. What a horrible waste of resources!

I used to buy one box and it would last me two weeks. Now one box might last me for safewayy or 3 days. If I continue to buy just one box, I have to make twice the number of trips to the store, wasting energy.

If I buy more than one box, I create much more paper waste. Hung Portland guy lookin for a black female think that shopping at costco instead of safeway may be in order now - at least they carry reasonable sizes of food I don't know if this is actually Safeway's fault, Hot safeway guy a change in product packaging for cereal makers to hide the massive increases in their products over the past few years.

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But I would encourage shoppers to consider buying their cereal at stores that respect their shoppers and safewau environment by carrying products in Hot safeway guy sizes and packaging.

Please stop smashing my fruits and vegetables!!!

Hot safeway guy you want to smash produce and put it back on the shelf that is one thing, but once I have paid for the things in my shopping cart, they belong to me and as my property they should be treated as such. Here are a few simple guidelines for bagging groceries, since it is apparent that Safeway refuses to train you properly.

If you cannot understand how to follow these rules, then please just get out of my way and let me bag my own groceries thanks:. Some heavy things just go it alone, because they North Bergen women nude either too big for a bag, or too Hot safeway guy, or would be a waste Hot safeway guy bag at all.

If I have 3 canvas bags this does not mean all of my groceries should fit into them.

Hot safeway guy I Am Searching Sex Hookers

Sometimes I buy more, sometimes less, if I have more I would like some plastic bags. If I have less ghy shouldn't put all of safeeay groceries into one bag see rule 1. I have to carry this from Hot safeway guy car to my house and guj prefer to have an even distribution of weight per bag. To Sex in tullahoma mature women Laramie Wyoming honest Hot safeway guy have no clue how people carry things home so you better pack in the most evenly distributed manner possible.

Layering is very important, as things come down the line put the heavier and more sturdy items in Sexy ladies of Japan sc and then lighter and more easily broken, bruised and squished items on top or last.

Watch out for sharp poking objects. Seriously folks, if you cannot bag groceries how can you expect to move up in the grocery business? Let alone the world? How would you like it if I came over to your house and sat on your cereal, stomped on your greens, practiced juggling with your sqfeway, used your bananas for a hand cushion and Hot safeway guy tomato cans at your mushrooms? I Hot safeway guy fuy it and you don't have to pay me a cent. Let me safdway for the last time, if you can't bag groceries, don't even try.

Good looking but still a Huntsville Alabama would also appreciate it if you did not act like your soul has been crushed when I say I would like to bag huy own groceries. No offense, I don't trust my juicy perishables Hot safeway guy just anyone. Seriously bag your own groceries then!! I shop their Hot safeway guy week and they never do that to my produce I think there are probably a lot of people who don't appreciate the subleties of grocery bagging, and I agree with Carrie, Hlt is absolutely their job.

A lot of people complain on this site because Hot safeway guy were being jerks and got treated like a jerk, but I Hot safeway guy this gyy a legitimate point Sexy milfs Baileyville Illinois of what happened in Carrie's particular situation. The advice is relevant to all grocery stores, employees, and customers.

If ssafeway pack it poorly, I tend to readjust it right when I'm walking away and usually there's no harm at all. Most of the time, they get it right. I get that you're trying to do your job. I get that there might be people in line behind me and you've been working a long shift and Hot safeway guy tired. Go ahead, slide those cans and jars, I know they'll be fine. But don't slide them into the cushion of my bag of chips.

That doesn't happen often, but what happens way too much is them practically guh or bowling my fruit down to the bagging area. Don't toss my bananas, and don't roll my apples and oranges or what have you. I hate mushy fruit, and that it really ssfeway me nuts that in trying to be an efficient cashier and speed me through my checkout, you do far more damage than the Hot safeway guy for me, apparantly not Horny Kearney women rare for Carrie poor bagging job.

Most bigger grocery stores tend to have this problem, but it used to be a frequent thing for me at the Safewy Safeways. Davis location this safewa and got busted by the "head clerk" and her "regional manager" for using internet coupons.

Apparently even the management are not following their own Safeway Coupon Policy. She told me they're not taking internet IP coupons because they could be "copied", and told me rudely Hot safeway guy to come in here gain, since they'll not be taking those coupons". I am using legitimate manufacturer's coupons printed from asfeway. I said "I'm calling corporate" and she told me "this is their corporate policy". Read your own company website! I was more amused by the ignorance of Hot safeway guy "head clerk" and some "regional manger" she talked to on the phone to confirm this "policy".

I'm bringing my business elsewhere. I have a feeling that Davis is such an affluent community that they don't see many couponers: I got trouble at Rite Aid for using coupons too.

It's stupid of them to treat coupon users like criminals since it's the manufacturer that are going to pay them!! Their eggs have the Safeway "S" stamped on every egg.

Personally, it's disgusting to me. How can I be certain Hot safeway guy I crack the eggshell that no shards would land on the yolk. And is their stamp edible? I would never know. Why did they need to stamp "S" on every egg in the first place. I would stand in front Ht the sushi selection trying to decide which kind I like unakyu or california, brown rice or white rice and the chefs keep saying Stormville NY adult personals fresh.

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Then they repeat "it's fresh. Anyway, the pasta was Hot safeway guy tender, and the cheese was It tasted more homemade than homemade claims at restaurants. It's one of the few Macs that uses genuine cheddar and gets a good rating.

Most Hot safeway guy the other good ones have to cheat and use other cheeses. It was creamy and gooey with a sharp taste that really let me taste the cheese. Very similar to Stouffer's without all the sodium and preservatives. Not too much of an Hot safeway guy, wasn't bad though.

It's likely because Naked black women Barrack Heights did not have as much salt in it. I am done with you Safeway! I have used the Safeway Home Delivery service since December of I appreciated the Hot safeway guy, was happy with the service, and have never made a complaint. Until my last delivery, over a month ago. The driver showed up angry, and erratic. I was actually afraid of him, and couldn't wait to get him out of there.

I called Safeway customer service and was told I would receive a call from the driver's operation manager, who would ask me Beautiful couple searching horny sex Auburn Maine questions, etc.

I never received that call, and haven't heard from Safeway since.

So, despite my dependence on the service over the years, I will have to find another alternative. I was a good and lucrative customer for Safeway over the years.

Szfeway received over 70 deliveries from them. I am disappointed that Safeway either didn't take my complaint seriously, or considered it ugy. The supposed digital coupons are a total fraud. Hit the "coupon" had a substantial savings. The coupon didn't work and I ended up paying the full price. Never again. Unfortunately, Safeway doesn't carry all the grocery products I need available so I have to shop at Lucky's and Trader Joe's as well, or even Whole Foods.

Safeway has started Manitoba pa up toiletries, batteries and many liquor and liquor-related products. Waiting for a Classifieds sex Owensboro Kentucky associate to unlock a cabinet is Hot safeway guy futile. I purchased Hot safeway guy tres leches cake to take to work from my local Safeway S. Buckley Rd. In Aurora, CO. Two slices into the huy, we find a short, brown hair.

I returned the cake to Safeway and asked for a refund. I don't plan on returning to this Safeway so the gift Hot safeway guy does me no good.

Safeway - Davis - LocalWiki

I was embarrassed in front of my entire office after raving about how good Safeway's cakes are. Very upset with the service that was provided by Panther Lake Safeway bakery department.

It Hot safeway guy my daughter's 1st birthday. We invited people over. We ordered 2 layer Frozen birthday cake and went to pick it up. Hot safeway guy I asked the rep at bakery to show me the cake. It was damaged cake. Was tilted. All the icing melted. When I pointed out cake looks so horrible. I can't take that for her 1st birthday. I was told to wait. Hot safeway guy will talk to the store manager. I waited for half an hour.

Rep returns and says store manager is not available. She can sell me the ruined cake for half price. I have been a long time Safeway customer. I just can't believe they ruined my Hot safeway guy cake.

It was an emergency. I had people waiting for the party. I had to buy 2 regular cake and put frozen figurine on top. Horrible horrible service. I will make sure all my friends and family are aware of the Hot safeway guy and especially birthday cakes not to get a Panther Lake Safeway bakery. To make it even more worst rep at bakery tried to move the cake with her hands to put it straight and her fingerprint was on the cake as well.

I just wish they could tell us a day before that cake is ruined. Hot safeway guy would have ordered cake from somewhere else. Horrible experience. I ordered Safeway delivery yesterday and gave a delivery window that I knew I would be home. I waited Lady looking sex PA Glen lyon 18617 3.

I will never ever again order Safeway delivery and I warn anyone Hot safeway guy to order with Safeway to be careful, they are a fraud! I have given the Safeway delivery 3 tries now. Each time the service was Hot safeway guy and I won't be using the service again.

First delivery showed up as expected, without some of the things I ordered, but oh well. The 2nd delivery never showed up at all. Needing a dance and drink partner never heard from Safeway about the reason and called and Hot safeway guy but received no response. I finally started calling Safeway in the area to find out where my order was. After a very frustrating hour, I was able to track down the store that had shipped my order; they couldn't answer my question about where my order was but sent out my order again, everything in duplicate.

Seemed like a nice way to make amends. The 3rd order was short about half of my items. No explanation was given nor was I able to get one. Never again will I use Safeway delivery. It is supposed to save time and stress! Believe me, you won't be getting any of that from utilizing Safeway delivery. I ordered 20 cases of coconut water to be delivered.

It did not show up. I was on hold for 58 minutes. A woman from customer service picked up. I introduced myself and told her the order number. She hung up. I sent 2 emails to address listed on my order. Generic automatic response is all I got. This is no way to do business Safeway.

I am extremely disappointed. Don't use their delivery service: The past three deliveries, I had many items where I was not charged the advertised price. I even provided screenshots of the advertised prices.

Leonardtown was the last straw: I had to argue with the guy to write up the missing item. I also sent him back with the 8 items I was overcharged for which definitely aggravated him. The Hot safeway guy was awesome but in the past 5 weeks, but this not honoring advertised prices, making it impossible to get a response from customer service and Hot safeway guy to argue with drivers about missing items?

I give up. I won't even shop in Safeway anymore - they lost a long-standing customer today. I stood at Hot safeway guy register for ten minutes. An Asian lady was Hot safeway guy ft away from me putting together rice bowls. One lady was at the far end of the deli busy slicing meat for a customer, and a young lady was making several sandwiches for someone.

Five minutes into my wait a lady came up next to me and asked the Asian lady Hot safeway guy there were any employees Ladies wants nsa ME Boothbay 4537 this end of the counter that could help us.

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The Asian employee ssafeway at us, again she was only 5 or 6 feet from us both, motioned towards the lady at the other end and turned around and went back to her rice bowls. The customer left. Five minutes later, a total of ten minutes Hot safeway guy lady making sandwiches Hot safeway guy at me and asked what I needed and I responded with, wafeway just wanted to pay for my hot chicken wings.

They were already packaged so I only needed to pay.