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Best Private Browser for iPad

Best Private Browser for iPads in 2021

by Daniel Moore

Earlier, we covered the top private browsers that you can use on your Mac and iPhone. But what about those who own and use iPads? 

Not to worry, today we’re going to take you through the top best Private browser for iPads that you can download this year. They’re secure, easy to use and offer privacy protection like no other.

Safari comes built-in to the iPad and it’s one of the best Private browsers to use on your iPad. But there are other third-party private browsers that provide you with a better and safer experience such as DuckDuckGo and Red Onion 2.

Let’s take a look at the best browsers for iPads that have been created to keep your information safe.

Top 8 Best Private Browser for iPadsBest For
Safari BrowserBest Stock Private Browser
DuckDuckGoBest Private Browser with HTTPS Everywhere
SnowbunnyBest Full Screen Private Browser
Mozilla FirefoxFastest Private Browser for iPad
Red Onion 2Best Tor Powered Private Browser for iPad
Brave Private BrowserBest Free to Use Private Browser
Opera Private BrowserBest Private Browser with Built-in Ad Blockers
Private Browser – Surf SafeBest Private browser with Built-in VPN

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Top 8 Best Private Browser for iPads

Safari Browser

Best Private Browser for iPad

Apple’s Safari browser is by far the most privacy oriented browser for Apple devices that is sandboxed for ultimate protection from malware and online attacks. Each tab is compartmentalized so if one tab gets infected, all the other tabs that are open will be safe from the malware or virus.

It allows you to store the data on your device and comes with a robust blocker that limits access to to trackers, ads and malware. With Safari, you’re able to delete your browsing history easily and this will remove any and all cookies/cache that have been stored.

While Safari supports only App Store extensions, there are chances that these extensions will track your data. Make sure to check which extension you’re downloading and what information they’re going to request access to.

Another great reason why Safari is one of the best private browsers is that it comes with a built in Private mode that does not allow sites to track you, does not store your data or form fill information and most importantly, no history or cookies are stored.


Best Private Browser for iPad

DuckDuckGo is another fine software that you can download and use to browse the net safely. We have featured this app in numerous articles simply because it’s that good. DuckDuckGo lets you browse the web with absolutely no limitation and is a free/open-source app so you can expect there to be regular updates or fixes.

This app is available across all platforms and is one of the most secure browsers around. DuckDuckGo automatically blocks trackers and third-party cookies so you’re safe from targeted ads or online attacks. More over, it does not use Google or Bing, rather it has its own built-in search engine that provides you with the results you’re looking for.

It will automatically switch to HTTPS whenever applicable and maintain your secure browsing session. You can browse the web and search for anything with no trace left behind.

It automatically deletes your browsing session every time you close the app and the most interesting feature of DuckDuckGo is that it provides you with a privacy rating for each site you visit and will highlight if the site is going to try and acquire your information.


Best Private Browser for iPad

Snowbunny is a private browser that you can download from the App Store. This browser lets you surf the web in full-screen mode and is pretty darn fast for a mobile based web browser. There are even a couple of handy features that make this app seem interesting.

This browser comes with a built-in privacy mode that lets you browse the net with no history being stored. This can be accessed from within the Settings tab and used as per your liking. Snowbunny is a free to use app that runs really well on the iPad. What’s more, the app though free, does not contain any built-in ads that other browsers tend to use.

Snowbunny uses the same back end as Safari but has been tweaked for performance. All the non-essential tabs from Safari have been removed to provide you with a clean, yet fast browsing experience, way faster than Safari could ever be.

Mozilla Firefox

Best Private Browser for iPad

Firefox is probably the veteran on this list and is one of the most popular web browsers of today that’s capable of blocking more than 2000 trackers. It’s designed to limit the number of ads you see on a daily basis and is brilliant for private browsing.

When you use the private mode in Firefox, your browsing history, website cookies and search history get cleared automatically when you close the tab. Apart from this, it’s known for the ability to stay in sync across all your devices considering you’ve logged into the same Firefox account.

For social media users, it has built-in blockers that work on sites like Facebook and limit the trackers from such sites. This browser is known for speed while loading high-quality webpages and has been one of the best iPad private browsers for quite some time.

Red Onion 2

Best Private Browser for iPad

Available for iOS and ipadOS, Red Onion 2 is an Onion browser that utilizes the anonymity of Tor. Basically, no matter what you search for or do on Red Onion 2, there’s no trace of your activity left behind. While you surf the web, you profile and information remains anonymous so no one will know who you are or where you’re from.

On your iPad, you’ll be able to stay safe from website trackers, insecure networks and will auto-switch your sites to HTTPS whenever it’s available. Since it’s an Onion browser, you’re able to access all Onion sites and dark web sites.

It comes with multiple layers of encryption and supports well over 20 different languages, so everyone can use this app. You would have to pay $1.99 to download and use Red Onion 2 on your iPad and that’s a pretty decent deal considering the level of security it offers.

The only drawback with Red Onion 2 though is that it’s not fast enough. The pages take some time to load and you can expect much since the sites you’re accessing are rerouted through multiple servers around the world.

Brave Private Browser

Best Private Browser for iPad

Brave is one of the best free to use private browsers for the iPad. It offers intense protection as you surf the web by blocking ad trackers, third party cookies, site scripts and more. The browser even comes with an incognito mode that allows you to surf the web with added privacy.

While it is extremely user-friendly and safe to use, the browser has actually been reworked several times over the years and you may see a bug or two, but other than that, it’s pretty much one of the best private browsers around to use on your iPad. 

You can download the free version of Brave from the App Store. The developers of Brave have claimed that the browser is at least 3 times faster than Google Chrome and offers better privacy than Firefox. So it’s definitely something you should consider downloading.

Opera Private Browser

Best Private Browser for iPad

Opera is a rather decent private browser for your iPad that comes with a built-in proxy service. This Chromium-based web browser lets you choose what ads to block and even gives you the ability to select the trackers and browsing data you want saved.

Similar to the Incognito mode in Chrome, Opera has a built in Private mode that automatically deletes your history and online data every time you close the browser. No cookies or information is left behind and your data will remain safe and secure.

The built-in VPN service lets you choose between three different server locations (America, Europe, Asia) which is pretty vague as you’re unaware where the connection is routing through. This can be the only risky flaw with Opera, but if you have a third-party VPN installed on your iPad, you can use that to add security to your browsing sessions.

Private Browser – Surf Safe

Best Private Browser for iPad

Another fine app that’s available for both the iPhone and iPad is the Surf Safe Private Browser. It helps keep your data and browsing sessions anonymous by applying a powerful encryption that helps safeguard your online sessions.

It comes with a pretty decent built-in VPN service tat lets you select the server you like and will encrypt your data thoroughly, no matter the site you’re browsing. For iPad users, there’s an added bonus, you can add an additional layer of security on this browser by enabling the TouchID lock feature.

When you use the private browser, your websites will load faster and both what you search for and what results you receive are encrypted and secured. While this app is free to download on the App Store, it has a trial period post which you’ll have to buy the app. All-in-all, it’s a brilliant private browser for the iPad and you can use the trial period to determine whether you want to buy the app or not.

3 Tips for Safer Browsing on an iPad

While reviewing the best private browsers for the iPad, I realized that not every browser will provide you with the same level of anonymity and protection. So, I decided to let you in on a little secret of mine.

These tips will help you browse anonymously on your iPad and no matter what browser you end up using, you can rest assured that your information will remain encrypted and safe.

  • Get a VPN to Encrypt your Internet Traffic – VPN apps are available to download on the App Store and they will help add layers of encryption to your internet traffic and block your IP address from hackers. Apps like ExpressVPN and NordVPN offer advanced settings that let you control everything that happens with the sites you access.
  • Use Private Search Engines for Unfiltered Browsing – If you’re planning on browsing adult content or sites that store your search history then the only way you don’t receive ads or get tracked is if you open those sites in a private or incognito browser. Search Engines like DuckDuckGo have been designed to keep your web searches untraceable and hidden.
  • Use Anonymous Emails to Send Encrypted Messages – If you’re going to send messages to someone without there being a trace of it online and where you remain anonymous, then your safest bet is to create an anonymous mail ID and use that account while browsing on your iPad. In this case, when you sign up to websites, your personal information won’t get tracked and your data remains safe from the public.


There is no browser till date that is considered to be the most private browser, the closest that i’ve seen would be Red Onion 2 or any browser that uses the Onion/Tor network. These are truly secure, but have known to be hackable.

I would recommend giving those three tips a try when browsing on your iPad and regardless of which browser you’re using, your data will always remain safe and your profile anonymous.

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