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Best Apple Watch Games

Best Apple Watch Games 2021

by Daniel Moore

The Apple watch is by far one of the best and most powerful gadgets of our time. It’s a sleek device that sits on your wrist and the best part about it is that it’s not only a watch that tells time.

Apple watches have been popular around the world for their minimalistic looks, quick processing speeds and even the ability to offer cellular services without your iPhone around. But did you know that the Apple Watch is capable of playing games?

Yup, Apple had to have put in some serious effort to be able to provide you with something that’s perfect for everyone. Though the games on the Apple Watch are not super-immersive, they are ideal for those moments when you’re looking to simply waste some time.

If you own an Apple Watch, then these are some of the best games you can play on it when you’re bored. 

Here are the top 10 best Apple Watch games:

  • Trivia Crack
  • Lifeline Series
  • Tiny Armies
  • Snappy Worl
  • Elevate: Brain Training
  • Retro Twist: Old School Mashup
  • Rules
  • Pocket Bandit
  • Komrad
  • Cosmos Rings

Best Apple Watch Games

With the Apple Watch, the more applications you install the more you understand the device’s true capabilities. While there are plenty of games that are compatible with the Apple Watch, picking the most appropriate one can prove to be time consuming. 

I’ve managed to compile this list of the best Apple Watch games to make it easier for you to decide what to play. 

Let’s take a look at them.

Point to Remember: All the games you wish to play on the Apple Watch will have to be downloaded on your iPhone first. Some games may even require you to first sign-in or open the game on your iPhone in order to play them on your Apple Watch.

Trivia Crack

Best Apple Watch Games

As the name suggests, Trivia Crack is  an online-trivial pursuit game that lets you play with random players from around the world. Here you’d be required to collect game characters that represent different categories. 

With each turn, you will be prompted to answer a question pertaining to a specific category, it could be; entertainment, history, geography, science, arts or sports. 

The game permits you to challenge opponents for a head-to-head battle, chat with friends or challenge them to a game. Trivia crack is a fun filled game with loads of potential, it helps you pass time away and if you’re a trivia buff then you must definitely check it out.

Supported watchOS2.0 and later
PriceFree (In-App Purchases)

Lifeline Series

Lifeline was first released in 2015 and has grown to be one of the most popular games for the Apple Watch. This mobile text-based adventure game is creepy and cool at the same time.

You will be required to speak to a stranded astronaut in order to understand what’s wrong and help him by picking the appropriate responses to everything he says. What you decide to reply to the person reaching out to you can either save him or potentially result in their doom.

Best Apple Watch Games

There are currently five parts to the series; Lifeline: Silent Night, Lifeline 2, Lifeline: Flatline, Lifeline: Whiteout and Lifeline: Crisis Line.

Supported watchOS2.0 and later
PriceLifeline 2 – $0.99;
Lifeline: Silent Night – $0.99;
Lifeline: Whiteout – $0.99;
Lifeline: Flatline – $0.99;
Lifeline: Crisis Line – $0.99

Tiny Armies

This wrist based strategy game from Brothers Flint may not seem as much at first but turns into a fast paced game that requires you to swipe to move your pawns in order to conquer enemy territory. 

It’s a game of wits where you can either play a solo game or go head-to-head against friends via iMessage. In the game you will encounter mountains, forests, lakes and other obstacles which you will have to overcome if you want to defeat your opponent.

Best Apple Watch Games

Though the game can be played on the iPhone and iPad, the game-play on the Apple Watch is set just right allowing you to experience it just the way it was meant to be played.

Supported watchOS3.0 and later

Snappy Word

Best Apple Watch Games

Snappy Word is a fun-filled word game that allows you to form as many four letter words as you can within a stipulated amount of time. The UI is easy and not clustered as most games would seem.

Though the game can be played on your iPhone or iPad with no time limit, the Apple Watch version limits each round to 30 seconds. You can even use the iMessage feature that allows you to challenge your friends to unscramble words.

Best Apple Watch Games

With Snappy Word you will have to swipe across letters to form words and there are over 400 levels so you’ll never get bored. It helps develop your vocabulary while training your brain on the move.

Supported watchOS3.0 and later
PriceFree (In-App Purchases)

Elevate: Brain Training

Best Apple Watch Games

Though it’s not considered a game, Elevate keeps you entertained and makes use of your brain-power. Elevate on the Apple Watch lets you play 35 mini fun activities that help improve your memory, focus, cognitive skills, comprehension and processing skills.

The Watch App also provides you with a detailed performance breakdown so you can keep tabs on your improvements. 

Best Apple Watch Games

With Elevate: Brain Training installed on your Apple Watch, you can certainly elevate your mind even when you don’t have much time to spare.

Supported watchOS2.0 and later
PriceFree (In-App Purchases)

Retro Twist: Old School Mashup

Best Apple Watch Games

Old School Mashup is a collection of retro games that you can play on your Apple Watch. Here you get to enjoy bite-sized versions of games you grew up playing such as; Contra, Space Invaders, Brick Breaker and others. 

These games can either be played right off the iPhone or on your Apple Watch with the help of your Digital Crown that acts as the controller.

Best Apple Watch Games

You even get to have a complete retro experience with in-screen vibrations, music and sound effects. 

Supported watchOS6.0 and later


Best Apple Watch Games

Rules is one of the best games you can play on your Apple Watch when you’re bored or waiting in line. This is a puzzle game that is fun, fast-paced and has proven to be a favorite among puzzle fanatics.

The rules of the game are simple, you simply follow the rules listed out for each level in order to pass over to the next. The game allows you to tap on a collection of animals; the whales, robots, unicorns and squirrels.

Best Apple Watch Games

The best part about Rules is that it’s easy to play and comes with a beginner mode so those who are not experienced puzzle solvers can get started.

Supported watchOS3.0 and later

 Pocket Bandit

Best Apple Watch Games

Pocket Bandit is a fun game to play on your Apple Watch and offers excellent game-play even on such a tiny screen. The game can be played by using the Watch’s taptic-engine and Digital crown. 

Over the course of the game you will be required to break into vaults and banks to steal money, valuables and jewelry while making sure to avoid being detected or tripping any alarm. 

Best Apple Watch Games

To play the game you will need to turn the digital crown to move the cursor, then once the Watch begins to vibrate tap on the screen to select the right number. The game offers more than 100 levels.

Supported watchOS4.0 and later


Best Apple Watch Games

Komrad is an interactive game where you get to talk to a Soviet AI from the year 1985 that still thinks the Cold War is on and may be a key connection to the second largest nuclear arsenal in the world. 

Best Apple Watch Games

Supported by watchOS 2 & 3, this is a fun game to play if you’re into cryptic mystery tales. This game lets you experience life in the time of a potential nuclear fallout and will surely keep you occupied while picking the correct answers so as not to nuke the world.

Supported watchOS2.2 and later

Cosmos Rings

Best Apple Watch Games

Cosmos Rings is a game that was developed for the Apple Watch by none other than the legends who made the Final Fantasy collection – Square Enix. It’s a pretty easy and down-to-earth game that sticks to a fairly simple gameplay loop.

Best Apple Watch Games

Here, you play the role of the God of Time who has to battle against neon monsters, right off your wrist and every time you die in the game, you re-spawn stronger and more capable than before. Though it is slightly pricey for an Apple Watch game, Cosmos Rings will definitely keep you engaged no matter where you are and what you’re doing.

Supported iOS9.0 and later


While it’s difficult to pick just one game to download, the Apple Watch can store quite a few games so you can download those you like to play when you’re bored and toggle between the games you’ve installed. 

Thanks to the variety of game developers on the App Store, there’s something for everyone out there.

What is your take on the best Apple Watch games? Don’t forget to keep your Apple watch charged before you begin playing and always carry your charger on long journeys.

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