How to Hide the Cydia Application Icon After Jailbreaking an iPhone

I often get asked how to hide Cydia spy app, so I decided to answer in this article. So how to hide an app avoiding removal?

Why Hide Cydia?What-is-Cydia-400x270

Any spy application can be installed only on a Jailbroken Apple device. This fact is grounded here.
So, after you provided a proper Jailbreak and installation of the application you will notice a Cydia icon appeared on the home screen. It is quite hard to ignore it. So, if you need the device owner not being informed he is being monitored you should hide an icon.
Why providing Jailbreak is a must? Well, Cydia is not being supported by the Apple Store. This subject is disclosed here.

Step By Step Instruction.

You should find an “SBSettings” app in Cydia. This is a necessary software, as it is specified to remove icons from the main screen.
Then open the app and enter the settings. There you should move the slider in “hide icons” between On/Off. This option is customizable for every single application installed, so you should find Cydio in a list. It is also recommended to remove SBSettings’ icon from the main screen as well.
Now you can monitor the target phone activity anonymously. The only option to find out the application installed on a device is looking through a root directory. So if your target is not a dedicated Apple tech enthusiast, this is an only recommended way to hide an app.


How to “Unhide” Cydia App and SB Settings?

In order to unhide Cydia just move the “hide” slider in SB Settings from On to Off.
You might need a full guide in order to prepare your phone to Cydia app installation. So, here is an article disclosing an easiest iPhone Jailbreak instruction.
If you are willing to monitor the device avoiding jailbreaking I recommend you to read an article about mSpy’s Jailbreak free solution. IT is designed to avoid installation as well and is specified for legal unhidden use. It is not a Flexispy clone as well. However, there are kind of limitations considering monitoring options.
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