Buying Cell Phone Spy Software Safely – Don’t Get Ripped Off


This article would be helpful, if you decided to purchase a spyware to monitor one’s smartphone or tablet. You should consider two main issues – the features it should posses and whether its actual performance corresponds to the description given on manufacturer’s website. And this is where you may face scam and frauds.

This article is part of my specified cell phone spyware guide and I hope you will pay an attention to it.

There are only a few reputable and reliable spy applications nowadays. Unfortunately, most of the manufacturers are unreliable. They are selling worthless software which brings a negative experience and decreases trust to the branch.

This is why I wrote this article. It is important to be able to define who is offering a scam worthless soft and avoid any interactions. I will also provide you with the list of reputable manufacturers operating in a market for years.

Evaluation of the Software Companies

After performing a brief search via the search engines you end up on a spyware manufacturer’s web site. It is a must. If someone is offering you to buy software on a forum or social networks, it is probably a scam (if there is no website for this app). Now when you are on the program’s website, evaluate its design. Does it look as a professional business website? Is it up to date? Is there any contact information given? There should be an address, phone number, email, etc. If not you may be facing one more scam. Are there any live chat or callback widgets? Consider that a reputable company is always interested to provide a proper communication with a customer. There also should be sharing buttons with a notable icons for the most popular social (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) networks.cell-phone-spy-software

Then try to contact the manufacturer using given on a website contact information. You should get a quick response no matter whether you are calling via phone or writing an email.

Skilled manufacturers are always aware that no matter how good the application is, there are always users with unsolved issues remaining. So check whether there is a FAQ page. You also should check whether there is a complete guide on a software use on a manufacturer’s website. Most of the scams have only a couple of landing pages with a huge Buy button on them.

Take as an example websites of programs I have already reviewed.

Evaluating a website is a first step. However, it will help you to define the most obvious scams. Well-performed scam can fake all of the mentioned above data. That’s why you are supposed to provide one more stage.

Established Web Presence?

flexispy-buy-nowSearch the software name in Google. If the manufacturer’s website is in  a first position in a search query, consider this as a good sign. That means Google ranked service somewhat. Otherwise, the website is probably possessing a low rank due to complaints of other users.

Make a search typing “[application name] scam/fraud”. It may seem rather complicated, but if there are written plenty of negative comments on a product you should try to judge whether they are well-grounded. Scam software will have plenty of bad comments and probably there are written several reviews on it. Read them carefully in order to find the truth.

The worst sign should be considered is an absence of any program mentions in the Web. It probably means that the program is either new or a fraud.

Pricing, Billing and Term Contracts

All of spy applications are offered for a fee. If you find a free software – be careful, it will probably monitor your activity, may contain malware like viruses and trojans which may also retrieve your credit card data. Usually, high-quality spy software manufacturers offer term contracts for 1,3, 6 months with a trial period. The price is almost the same and usually there is an advanced edition with enhanced features offered.

There is a little chance that really good product would be available for free or for a very small price. You should ask some questions before downloading or paying for it, just because of the fact it takes plenty of resources and work hours to develop a spy application. So why would anybody offer it for free.buying-cell-phone-spy-software31

Also, if you are offered to buy a lifetime license for a certain application, it is probably a scam. Why? Device manufacturers are always being concerned about the safety characteristics of their devices. And they always try to make an upgrade to avoid vulnerabilities. So, the spyware manufacturers should make updates as well in order to provide a proper service. Term contracts allow to finance future developments in order to keep software up to date. The only exception I know is a PhoneSheriff Investigator developed by Mobile Spy manufacturer. However, this program could be installed on a PC and provides monitoring in other way than regular phone spy apps.

Check Online Reviews

You should check review sites in order to get an independent opinion on a given app. Sometimes you may meet fake and conflicting articles, which may confuse you. So in order to judge whether the opinion is well-grounded evaluate the reviewer’s website just like you do it for spyware manufacturer’s web site.

User Generated Reviews

Those work well only for Amazon users. When we are talking about spyware you often will face manipulated opinions having nothing common with the truth. Reviews are usually written by persons which have never tested spy apps before. Any review should be grounded, it should contain facts and details. Otherwise, you cannot trust it. Such a situation is initiated by the spyware promoters ought to motivate “reviewers” to write “good” or “bad” comments.

Regular Review Web site

Trustable review is always justified by facts and facts are always being (if possible) proved. Good review websites are popular and their content is being shared, and often there are discussions made under each article.

I hope that the information I offered will help you to find a proper spyware by your own. If not, check my spy apps reviews.